4)      Choose the correct statements (You may select more than one answer. Click the box with a check mark for the correct answer and click to empty the box for the wrong answer.)  


[removed] A random variable is a quantitative outcome of a chance experiment.
[removed] A probability distribution includes the likelihood of each possible outcome.
[removed] A probability distribution is the outcome of an experiment.
[removed] A random variable represents the likelihood of an outcome.











5)      TheDowntown Parking Authority of Tampa, Florida, reportedthefollowinginformationfor a sample of 219  customersonthenumber of hours cars are parked and theamountthey are charged.

Findthe mean and thestandarddeviation of theamountcharged.


6)      ThegamecalledLottosponsoredbytheLouisianaLotteryCommissionpaysitslargestprizewhen a contestantmatchesall 6 of the 35 possiblenumbers. Assumethere are 35 ping-pong ballseachwith a single numberbetween 1 and 35. Anynumberappearsonly once, and thewinningballs are selectedwithoutreplacement.

(a) Findtheprobability of matching 5 of the 6 winningnumbers.


7)      Itisestimatedthat .42 percent of thecallerstotheCustomerServicedepartment of Dell Inc. willreceive a busysignal.


Whatistheprobabilitythat of today’s 1,100 callers at least 5 received a busysignal? Use thepoissonapproximationtothe binomial. (Round youranswerto 4 decimal places.)


  Probability [removed]  




8)      ThepayoutsforthePowerballlottery and theircorrespondingodds and probabilities of occurrence are shownbelow. Theprice of a ticket is $1.00.

Divisions     Payout    Odds     Probability
  Five plus Powerball $50,045,000 146,107,960 .000000006835
  Match 5 247,000 3,563,628 .000000282552
  Four plus Powerball 10,000 584,454 .000001720846
  Match 4 150 14,310 .000070596154
  Three plus Powerball 150 11,940 .000082235921
  Match 3 13 266 .003448657534
  Two plus Powerball 13 775 .001318882574
  One plus Powerball 5 125 .007825500000
  Zero plus Powerball 4 61 .014370414286



Findthe mean and standarddeviation of thepayout. (Round your mean valueto 5 decimal places and standarddeviationto 3 decimal places. Omitthe “$” sign in your response.)


  Mean $ [removed]
  Standard deviation $ [removed]

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