Case Study One: Rules of Jurisdiction:

In your re-write, be sure to cover all of the topics for this section from the prompt. You need to define each of the terms like long-arm statute, subject matter jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction, etc. then appropriately identify the facts of the case that support the need for the establishment of jurisdiction for Margolin and Novelty Now. You also need to include in-text citations. Case Study One: Alternative Dispute Resolution:

One of the important aspects of the case study is the mention that there is an arbitration clause in their contract that requires all disputes go to arbitration. This section needs more detail for your re-write. Case Study One: ADR Preference: One of the reasons parties prefer ADR is because of the speed and reduced cost of ADR.  The other reason ADR is preferable in this case is because of the confidentiality of the proceedings. Due to the issues with the chemicals there would be a good reason to leave this proceeding sealed.  Case Study One: Criminal Acts: Be sure to keep a formal tone when writing academic papers. Do not use “I” statements like “in my opinion”. Here you need to talk about fraud and provide examples of the activities which constituted the fraud and why the actions of substituting the chemical may be considered fraud. Case Study One: Potential Criminal Acts:

This issue looks at what other types of liability the actors in this fact pattern might face. This is a good place to talk about white collar crimes. Case Study One: Potential Criminal Liability:

This issue looks at what other types of the concepts of criminal law, including mens rea and actus Reus and discussed what potential criminal liability these actors might face. I would recommend you expand this section for the re-write. Case Study One: Ethical Decision-Making: You provided some details about the ethical decision making. Great work with your APA citations here. Articulation of Response:

You will be revisiting this paper in a later milestone so there is room for improvement! In your re-write for the final project, be sure to write a paper, separate from the rubric/prompt in essay format, instead of answering the questions inside the template. While the template can serve as a guide, you needed to write a proper essay, with paragraphs, transitions, and APA citations. I recommend that you use this as a guide/example for your next paper.

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