• Case Study

Students will read chapter 4 of the Edward Alden text, The Closing of the American Border .


Upon completion of the weekly Alden chapter reading assignment, students will then submit a one-page summation, outlining the chapter.  The summations should concentrate on the political, cultural, ethnic and religious implications of this effort.  The summation should also cover the student’s personal observations of successes and/or failures of America’s efforts to secure its border pre & post 9/11.


The weekly summation will not require formatting or references, but points will be taken off for lack of content, grammatical errors and/or for a late submission.  The weekly chapter summation will be worth 25 points each week, for a total of 175 points (the final chapter of the Alden book will be included in the final exam). Note that on week 8 of the course, students will use information from their submissions from The Closing of the American Border case studies as building points for their final exam.

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