Strategic Planning and Forecasting Planning

1. Suggestions to make the strategic plan more comprehensive

Strategic planning can at times be unnecessarily complex as well as marginally essential, or provide a streamlined kind of value-added module which sets the identified vision along with direction and leads to advanced results together with marketplace differentiation. There are a variety of ways that the Scottsdale Police practitioner can improve their strategic plan to make it more significant and comprehensive. Firstly, they can keep their strategic plan simple as well as alive (Cummings & Angwin, 2015).  An appropriate strategic plan enhances a clear and an effective direction for the enhancing agility to offer response to the flexible competitive environment. It is not considered to be a static document which is inflexible rather it is perceived as an ever altering document that keeps changing with time. It is therefore essential to create balance as well as alignment to the strategic plan to avoid it from becoming obsolete.

Moreover, it is essential to involve chief stakeholders. They ought to make sure that the strategic plan provides a reflection of the voice regarding the organization by involving chief stakeholders in the process of such planning. It is vital that in future it invites managers and administrators to undertake participation in an involving SWOT analysis in relation to the organization. When an organization presents its top strategic initiatives to its physician controllers for prioritization then it is likely to experience success and gain a competitive advantage. Physician controllers are suitable in reprioritizing various initiatives as well as elevating quality and the art of safety to the main strategic priority. In addition, they should enhance a clear outline of responsibilities along with accountability. Lack of goal owners who improve as well as initiate the action plan, the identified goals and objectives transform to everybody’s task with lack of a precise accountability (Cummings & Angwin, 2015).  A senior leader is therefore important in ensuring satisfaction takes place adequately as well as identifies an appropriate steering team, implements effective techniques, monitors progress along with rewarding and recognition of desired mannerisms. It is also important to assign ownership since it enhances the balancing of the various initiatives among identified teams.

Assessment of the organization’s abilities as well as capacities prior to setting the goals is essential (Cummings & Angwin, 2015).  The institute should always assess whether it has its senior leaders involved and aligned in the strategic planning process as well as look into the perfect tools as well as systems for carrying out the strategic planning. These aspects determine how successful the strategic planning will be. Furthermore, the police department ought to cascade objectives to all of its employees. It is helpful in maximizing organizational related alignment, the goal concerned cascade is required to get to the front line staff.

2. Are justifications and assumptions for the chosen strategies adequately articulated?

The assumptions in the strategic plan focus primarily on the fact that southern Scottsdale is established along with central Scottsdale having a combination of mature neighborhoods and new developments. The northern part of the city is seeing growth with newer community developments. These assumptions along with industry and commercial facilities housing some the state’s major notable employers are what the Scottsdale Police Department are assuming will aid in success of the strategies listed in the plan.

3. Does the Plan include enough Measures to ensure Success?

The plan does include a very well laid out path to who will be responsible for each of the strategic directions and even explains how strategy leaders will meet monthly to discuss and highlight key accomplishments each quarter. There is a plan in place to retreats in order to revisit the plan and revise if necessary. The plan also includes a funding status for each of the strategic directions as all strategies are labeled as to where funds will come from. The plan does list grants to fund certain strategies but does not lay out where those grant funds will come from, this information would be useful to ensure the greatest possible success as grants are not always awarded.


The Scottsdale Police Department’s strategic plan was written after thoroughly evaluating and analyzing data during three retreats. Although there were some areas that could have been improved upon in this plan, it does express the department’s vision and mission based on well thought out assumptions as well as utilizing trend data to complete. Organizational leaders have been charged with overseeing the strategies to accomplish of objectives in an effort to successfully implement the plan during the next five years. Not only did the Scottsdale Police Department implement ways to track success on a yearly basis, they have taken it a step further by initiating monthly meetings with strategy leaders to ensure accountability.


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