Jerusalem-Why it is a bad Idea for the U.S to Set up its Embassy

The debate on whther President Trump’d decision to move the U.S embassy to Jerusalem and formally recognize the city as part of Isarel continues to heat up. Almost all the former U.S ambassadors to Israel have disagreed with the Trump’s idea to take U.S embassy to Jerusalem. Only two of them followed the president in making the announcement, where the motion was also set. Even the ones who agree with the idea that Trump was doing an excellent job to recognize Jerusalem are still skeptical about the same.

Thomas R. Pickering- former Israel ambassador during Reagan administration period, referred to it as a “big foreign policy mistake “that is also an attempt of diverting attention. The decision should have been made after engaging the Arab states with prior consultations.

It’s  more hard than people think in explaining how bad it is for the U.S transfer its embassy to Jerusalem. The city has been the government’s centre since 1948 although some countries have been held off; Jerusalem embassy (1995 Act) was passed by the U.S Congress to help in recognizing it as a capital city of Israel. President Donald Trump tirelessly worked by holding campaigns that would promote the activity implementation. Although he has joined the act of other presidents to sign suspension waivers, he is still strongly tempted to go ahead.

However, this move might lead to loss of peace and hope according to the Palestinian authority. This will degrade the influence of  U.S in the entire world as some countries like turkey have issued their warnings. This might look like a persuasive argument, but the reputation of Palestinian authority is quite low by considering Israel’s Jerusalem version, new and enormous insoluble problems will arise and leave the real issues in the city unaddressed.

Israel’s Jerusalem Version Is More Significant Than The Cities Historical Liberation

In 1967, Israel captured Jerusalem and adjoined it to the Palestinians suburbs like Silwan. Are written low was hastily pushed in the Knesset to declare that Israel’s territory had been annexed. According to Geneva conventions, Jerusalem was acquired through hostile military occupation wars. However, the UN reaffirmed the Palestinian territories remain under hostile occupations. This means that the attempt made by Israelites to pressure trump and his transition team is within the Nueller investigations.

Reasons Why It Is A Bad Move To Transfer U.S Embassy To Jerusalem

U.S President Donald Trump missed a waiver signing deadline that was meant to stop the transfer of the U.S embassy to Israel’s capital city. This means that Trump highly supports the idea, but it’s still not clear whether the decision will be embraced. According to many responses, the move is unfortunate and will be waived by the pragmatic, moral and legal reasons against it.

Since 1950, Jerusalem has been the capital city of Israel. It has also been the centre of its government since then. The city has also been disputed and received a unilateral declaration within the country although it remains internationally unrecognized.

Resolution 478 of UN Security Council declares that Israel violates the international law by stating that Jerusalem is united and complete. The city, which is located in Israel, is claimed by both Palestine and Israel. In 1988, the east Jerusalem was made Palestine’s capital by the Palestine liberation organization.

  • Israel illegally occupies east Jerusalem

In 1967, Israel issued some warnings which were refuted by Jordan and an aggressive war followed this. In self-defense and response, Israel took the east Jerusalem which was controlled by Jordan. Israel also occupied the west bank the same year it occupied Jerusalem. This made the UN security resolution council to emphasize on the inadmissibility of war territory acquisition. Israel was required to withdraw from the territories of the conflict. Up to date, UN has not altered this view. Thus, the occupation of East Jerusalem in Israel weakens the claim rather than justifying it.

  • Religious significance in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a spiritual center ancient of Judaism and is therefore considered as holy ground by all members of religious faiths in the world. In fact, the old city has significance to Christians, Muslims and Jews hence its status is highly controversial. Recent security tensions over the AL-Aqsa compel indicated a flashpoint of how the holy sites are.

  • Process of maintaining peace

The move by the U.S to call Jerusalem the capital city of Israel will not in any way influence or prejudice the process of negotiating for peace. There are several commentators and regional leaders that indicate the opposite precise in these days. “It can completely damage the peacemaking process in the area.” Bekir Bozdag, Turkish prime minister. In 1993, it was stipulated by Oslo that the peace talks would start later.  The U.S consistently states that the Jerusalem issue needs to be solved through negotiation to have a comprehensive and durable settlement. When the U.S plans to go ahead and recognize Jerusalem as the capital city without talks, it will put an obstacle for the future negotiations.

  • Maintaining stability in the area

If Jerusalem becomes recognized as the capital city of Israel and the U.S moves its embassy there, peace will be endangered, and this might even trigger violence. Asking Jordan Abdullah said, the extremists will exploit the move and bring frustration, despair and anger.

The message conveyed by the media to consumers is that the American embassy move to Jerusalem is merely controversial. This is because when U.S policy is shifted from its neutrality, it will become hard to get the Palestinians closer and this can harm the ostensible efforts made by the U.S in negotiating Israel and Palestinians settlement. In truth, what they call a “peace process” is what will make Israel and its benefactor in superpower- United States, blocking implementations.

It is crucial for the media to get rid of the international law relevant details to keep the façade upheld. In the Jerusalem context of Embassy Act of 1995, condemning Israel’s annexation measures is not the essential resolution 478b aspect of an international law violation.

Taking U.S embassy to Jerusalem will only derail peace hopes by recognizing hostile military occupations in Israel which not only impoverishes the residents but also divides them. It is such a risky move, which without doubts will cost the lives of Israel settlers.


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