Information Systems


The Significance of Information Systems infrastructure is coming over last few years even though it is present in early 60’s. It helps in identifying the trends that the business Information System for Company management (ISFM) has been a key factor in developing the Business and the ISFM will adapt the changes quickly that are happening recently in market. As the name itself implies information, so the collection of data from various sources is very important and how we are storing and using it effectively is important to consider.

Evolution and Trends:

The name Information systems came into existence along with technology and it’s products (Liang, Chen, 2019). The Evolution of Information System has started early in 1960 in the account management Area. As this is important in every organization it became easy to start and develop with account management as the requirements are well documented and it is organized by the rules and regulations that everyone should follow. After developing the account management everyone in the company especially the members in administrative department found that there is need to have some more software tools for billing, invoices etc. In the early 70’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) came up which uses the approach for creating the material plant from three fundamental blocks and helps to reduce the time and increase the quality in delivery. MRP II comes in 80’s and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) it came up with the evolution of inventory management in 50’s (Gil Gomez, 2009). mcomerce is trending in the information systems in a level such that strategies and activities that is managed by the companies and it is trending now. It has a power to change the existing way the business is handled in a more efficient way. ERP is having a great future a head and it is planning to extend it’s availability in other companies as well with minimum license cost, implementation cost so that more software will be available in the market and that can be used extensively in the market.


Information technology and its applications are evolving dramatically high in the last few years. The base of the information system infrastructure is the database, a network accessed, software and hardware related to the management system. ISI needs a lot of planning and maintenance of data in order to keep it safe and simple. Data should be arranged in a way that systems can be used for future development purpose.


Considering the part of the evolution of ISI, it started with the first computer evidence in the market. Gradually, systems were enhancing with the properties and improvements in the field. The very first application was implemented in the field of account in 1960. Changes were made as per the required functionality and new versions were evolved like MRP, MRP 2, ERP and ERP2 etc. ERP allows to combine all the important functionalities into one and known as “Unique Data”. Later In the decades, all the management activities were managed under the one server and then used along with the customers.


As per the changing trend, services related to information will be brought in to control the data for further uses at a personal level or organizational level. This process is cost-effective and well accessible by the users. Information related processes like planning and operating, maintaining the information can be taken care by the services. Security of the systems will be taken care well in advance by the called services. These services can help systems to identify threats and viruses or any other unethical activities performed by the user.

As per the topics discussed, it relates to the information systems and its application. Also, how the trend is changing with the requirements and enhancements are visible in the systems. The information was very useful in terms of topic and clarification.

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