Information Systems

ITS 835 Enterprise Risk Assessment

Total points – 100

Final Research Paper- The paper is due on end of day Sunday Feb 24.

Write a research paper on the topic

What are the main drivers for successful ERM implementations in


Your research paper should be minimally 6 page (double space, Font – Georgia with font

size 12). The research paper needs to refer to the following sources

 Rubino, M. (2018). A comparison of the Main ERM frameworks: How

Limitations and Weakness can be Overcome Implementing IT GOvernance.

Internation Journal of Business and Management, 13(12).

 In addition the research paper needs to minimally refer to 3 peer reviewed

journal papers

The following case studies from your book need to be referenced in your research paper

 Chapter 30, “Alleged Corruption at Chessfield: Corporate Governance and the

Risk Oversight Role of the Board of Directors”

 Chapter 31, “Operational Risk Management Case Study: Bon Boulangerie”

 Chapter 34, “Turning Crisis into Opportunity: Building an ERM Program at

General Motors”

 In addition you need to refer to at least two other case studies that we have

covered so far in the course

The research needs to minimally discuss the role of the following factors in successful

ERM implementations

 Corporate governance

 Risk frameworks such as COSO, ISO 31000

 Information Technology

 Operational factors

Please do not describe the case studies from the book but focus on elaborating on key

points and examples from the case studies that support the research topic.

The bibliography should be included as a separate page and is not part of the 6 page

requirement. Student assignments will be run through Safe Assignment. Please ensure

to check the safe assignment result prior to submitting.

It is important to check the safe assign report prior to submitting. Text that

are copied directly from outside sources without being in quotes is

considered plagiarism. Please refer to the University’s academic integrity

policy. If there is text in your paper from outside sources that are not

referenced and in quotes, you will not receive a grade for the assignment.


The university of Cumberland library can be assessed at

The research paper should include the following components

 Title Page (Not part of the minimum 6 page requirement)

 Abstract (quick review of the entire content of the paper, limited to 200-350


 Introduction (1-2 pages, provides a broad overview of the topic and basic

background information)

 Literature Review (2-3 pages, describes the research papers that you find in

reference to enterprise risk management and firm performance, it can list

theories about the subject, findings from other studies and research directions.

Please ensure to refer to the case studies from this week and the attached

research paper Yang et al. 2018)

 Discussion (1-2 pages -This should include your thoughts on the topic and

implications in reference to ERM and firm performance. Please draw on

examples/other studies to support your thoughts)

 Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs, This provides a final summary of your research


 Bibliography in APA format

The following rubric will be used to grade your assessment

Evaluation Parameters Percentage Weight

Did the student respond to the research topic 20

Did the conduct sufficient literature review of the topic 20

Did the student provide relevant examples to support viewpoints 20

Did the student meet the content requirements of the assignment and

discuss the key points identified in the question


Did the student refer and discuss about the case study chapter readings

and the assigned research paper


Did the student create a professional, well-developed report with proper

grammar, spelling, punctuation and APA formatting


Total 100%

Please refer to the following for APA guidelines


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