Information Systems

Information Systems

Instructions: Complete the questions to the application below. Submit your answers using a Word document. Each Answer has to be 4-5 sentences long.

Case Discussion

Shelly is a new HIM graduate. She has been offered a position as an EHR trainer with a reputable EHR vendor, AutoDoc, which provides an EHR product to physician-office practices. As a condition of her employment with AutoDoc, Shelly is being asked to sign a non- compete agreement. She is concerned that she will be limiting a considerable number of future career opportunities if she signs the agreement and later leaves her employment with AutoDoc.

1. What types of limits are likely being placed on Shelly if she signs the noncompete agreement?

2. Is AutoDoc violating the law by imposing a non – compete agreement?

3. If AutoDoc’s non – compete agreement was legally challenged, what would a court consider in determining whether it is enforceable or not?

4. What would constitute an unnecessarily broad non – compete agreement?

5. What if AutoDoc will not negotiate on the non – compete agreement, yet Shelly still feels uncomfortable with it because it seems too limiting?

6. What if Shelly accepts employment with AutoDoc, leaves the company, and then works elsewhere in violation of the non – compete agreement she signed?

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to become familiar with the JES programming environment by creating your first program.

Download and install JES (Jython Environment for Students) from the Media Computation Teachers Website.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Search the internet and find a photograph of an antelope.
  2. Similarly, search the internet for a sound file (WAV) associated with an antelope.
  3. Create a program that prompts the user for each of these files, and displays them.

Submit the following in a compressed, zip file format:

  1. Your python program. Naming convention is: Example:
  2. At least one screen caputre demonstrating that your program was functional.

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