Information Systems


Managing file systems, storage, and other hardware devices is critical for a Linux administrator. You’ll put these skills to use as you begin to work on your memo—Phase 2 of the project that will be due next week.

File Systems and Hardware

Faster Computing is a growing company. As such, its technology will need to grow as well. Faster Computing will undoubtedly need to expand file systems—not to mention add new hardware and expand storage. Logical Volume Manager (LVM) will be a critical tool on the file system side. LVM allows an organization to manage storage logically rather than physically. This means that physical disks can be added to or removed from a storage pool on the fly. It greatly simplifies some of the tasks of storage management.

For other hardware, Faster Computing will want to benefit from hot-swap devices. Hot swap allows hardware components that support it to be replaced on the fly if they fail, with no down time. Hot-swap devices can encompass everything from power supplies to hard drives.

You are a consultant that specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). You have been hired by a small start-up manufacturing company, with less than 500 hundred employees that specializes in electronic devices. The CEO of the company would like to incorporate a management support system (MSS) into the organization to help in making business decisions. This system will allow managers at the different levels to easily retrieve information from various databases in the organization to assist them in running scenarios, performing what-if analyses, and tracking organizational performance to determine goal achievement. You’ve been asked by leadership to present an MSS to help Company ABC understand how to integrate an MSS into their organization and how it will help them gain a competitive advantage over other companies. Throughout this course, you will be completing different assignments that will apply to this company.

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