Information Systems

MIS Project 4

Complete and submit ONE Hands-on MIS Project

There is no word/length requirement. Just try to answer in a way that’s clear and makes sense.

Don’t use the MIS project that requires MyMISLab

Chapter 8

The projects in this section give you hands-on experience analyzing security vulnerabilities, using spreadsheet software for risk analysis, and using web tools to research security outsourcing services. Visit  MyMISLab ’s Multimedia Library to access this chapter’sHands-On MIS Projects.

Management Decision Problems

1. 8-8 Reloaded Games is an online games platform that powers leading massively multiplayer online games. The Reloaded platform serves more than 30 million users. The games can accommodate millions of players at once and are played simultaneously by people all over the world. Prepare a security analysis for this Internet-based business. What kinds of threats should it anticipate? What would be their impact on the business?

Improving Decision Making: Evaluating Security Outsourcing Services

Software skills: Web browser and presentation software

Business skills: Evaluating business outsourcing services

1. 8-11 This project will help develop your Internet skills in using the web to research and evaluate security outsourcing services.

You have been asked to help your company’s management decide whether to outsource security or keep the security function within the firm. Search the web to find information to help you decide whether to outsource security and to locate security outsourcing services.

· Present a brief summary of the arguments for and against outsourcing computer security for your company.

· Select two firms that offer computer security outsourcing services and compare them and their services.

· Prepare an electronic presentation for management, summarizing your findings. Your presentation should make the case of whether your company should outsource computer security. If you believe your company should outsource, the presentation should identify which security outsourcing service you selected and justify your decision.

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