Information Systems

The presentation will be 15 slides in length

· All slides must be professionally formatted and displayed.

· This includes, but is not limited to, figure captions, titles, legibility, page numbers, consistent and professional reference style (both in-text and in the references section), etc.

· Feel free to use any reference style (e.g., MLA, APA, etc.), but all references must be cited in a consistent format (both in-text and at the end of the slides)

· Submit PDF version of slides, two slides per page.

Design Case Presentation – Grading Breakdown
Provide a brief introduction about the team, and any assumptions about Sunshine State University 0.25 points
Identify important assets and characterize them based on criticality and sensitivity 0.25 points
Identify important vulnerabilities facing these assets 0.25 points
Provide threat assessment which includes – threat statement and highlight the agents, actions & assets in bold 0.5 points
Identify the risks associated with each threat and list them down as risk statements 0.5 points
Identify controls and suggest any policy recommendations, if any 0.5 points
Provide a detailed incident response plan for the organization 0.5 points
Presentation originality, including appropriate graphics, design effectiveness, and logically structured 0.25 points

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