Part A. –Multiple Choice. 


3. Jason could not develop the phone app for the customer because he never finished the training classes. Jason is an example of which type of problem employee?


a. Lacks motivation


b. Lacks ability


c. Rule breaker


d. Has problems


4. Steven was fired from his job after three years of good performance. His boss simply said that the organization was changing and did not need Steven’s work any longer. This type of firing is likely acceptable under the doctrine of __________.

a. employment variability

b. workplace monitoring

c. employment-at-will

d. orientation period


8. Allison found several job duties that were listed on her subordinate’s job description which are no longer part of the job. Also, the company recently updated its strategic plan. Based on the new plan, Allison will add some related job duties to her subordinate’s job and communicate with her subordinate about the changes.  Allison is engaged in ________.


a. performance appraisal

b. performance management

c. performance monitoring

d. performance planning


9. Top salesperson Carl noticed that the new salesperson, Brandon, was struggling to make sales. Carl told Brandon that learning sales was a process and made some suggestions for how Brandon could improve his sales techniques. Together, Carl and Brandon practiced the techniques and Brandon said he would start trying them out on clients. The two made an appointment to follow up on how the techniques were working in two weeks. Carl provided _________ to Brandon.


a. coaching

b. counseling

c. conduct training

d. discipline

12. Morgan is working on the compensation package for bank tellers. Bank customers like to see the same faces in the bank when they come in to talk about their money. Therefore, Morgan needs to find a way to reduce turnover among the tellers. Adopting a(n) _________ organizational philosophy on compensation might be a good idea.

a. below-the-market

b. at-the-market

c. pay for longevity

d. wage compression


13. If companies hire replacement workers:


a. it is illegal during any strike action.

b. during an economic strike, the company doesn’t have to lay off replacement workers to give the strikers their jobs back.

c. it’s OK any time, but the striking worker always has to be given their job back after the strike.

d. during an unfair labor practices strike, the company doesn’t have to lay off replacement workers to give the strikers their jobs back

e. during any strike, all employees can be permanently replaced.


16. At the beginning of the quarter, Marcus sat down with his manager and set three goals for the next three months. The achievement of each goal will depend on Marcus. No one else in his work group can affect the work toward the goal. Which advantage of individual incentives does this illustrate?

a. easy to evaluate employee’s effect on team

b. ability to match rewards to employee desires

c. promotes the link between performance and results

d. may motivate less productive employees to work harder


17. Mallory would like to attract better workers and enhance her organization’s employment brand. Adopting a(n) ________ organizational philosophy on compensation could help her achieve her goals.

a. at-the-market

b. above-the-market

c. pay for longevity

d. pay secrecy

18. One reason for re-evaluating social security is because

a. there have been changes in the lifespan of the retiree population.

b. congress did not intend the law to cover both men and women since men were primarily the wage earners when the law first passed in 1935.

c. the law was written to have a re-evaluation in the new millennium.

d. the global economy affected the value of the retirement dollar.





20. Under OSHA employees have a right to all of the following except:

A. to refuse to be interviewed by an inspector.

B. to have a company representative present during any interview.

C. to have working conditions free from unnecessary hazards.

D. to file a complaint about hazardous working conditions.

E. to report hazardous conditions to their supervisor.


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