For this Assignment, follow the steps below:

  1. Collect and organize information from this course, your readings, and outside research that includes these philosophers’ influence on American education.
  2. Create a graphic organizer such as a table, timeline, Venn diagram, K-W-L chart, flow chart, or other visual tool to compare and contrast these philosophical views (see the example below).
  3. Provide a summary of each of the contributions these philosophers have made to American public education and the reason(s) you have included each one in your visual learning aide. Explain what you have learned by doing this side-by-side comparison.

Include the following topics in your comparison table:

  • main beliefs;
  • main contributions;
  • historical events that played a role (for example, a war or the Industrial Revolution. This must be a historical event, not a personal event.);
  • and criticisms of views.

Example: Graphic Organizer

Name and time period






Main beliefs

Main Contributions

Historical events that played a role

Criticisms of views


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