Activity Sheet per French 149 Novel

two Cheikh Hamidou Kane’s Ambiguous Adventure: Part I, chapters 1-7

(1) You need to prepare these activities at home, type them on your computer and bring your

work to class on the dates indicated below. These will count as a journal entry. You will give all of your activities on the date indicated below to your teacher.

(2) All written answers need to be in coherent paragraphs and/or clear complete sentences.


 For Monday, February 12, I will prepare the activities #1-5 as indicated below. Activity #1: At home and in class.

 Read the first document, “Introduction to Senegal” and the two short video clip entitled “36 Hours in Dakar” and “Marième Faye Sall, First Lady of Senegal” (3 and 8 min) in the “Discov- er Senegal” folder.

 Write 20 reflective questions (i.e. that have a solid content and need an explanation) and their respective answers about these three documents and in preparation for the in-class activity: → 10 questions about “Intro to Senegal” → 5 about “36 Hours in Dakar” → 5 about “Marième Faye Sall, First Lady of Senegal”

 During class time next week, with a group of 2-3 people, each of you will take turn to quiz each other with your questions. The objective of this in-class activity is for all to assimilate the information about this country.

Activity #2: At home.

 Read the first two sections (“1-Biographical Notes” & “2-Literary Work”) in the second doc- ument, “Introduction to Cheikh Hamidou Kane.”

 Answer the following questions about these two sections, in coherent paragraphs and/or complete sentences: (1) What are 5 facts you learned about Cheikh Hamidou Kane’s life? Explain why they are

significant in 1-2 lines. (2) Imagine that you are a journalist and that you have to interview this renown author for

your newspaper. Write 10 questions you would ask him based on the document on his life and work you just read.

Activity #3: At home.

 Read the next two sections (“3- Structure of Ambiguous Adventure” and “4-A Brief Introduc- tion to Islam”) in this same second document, “Introduction to Cheikh Hamidou Kane”. These two sections are important because they help you with understanding this book.

 Answer the following questions about these two sections, in coherent paragraphs and/or complete sentences: Summarize in 15 lines what you learned about Islam and deem most important.

 You might also check the last two pages of this second document: → Section 9 on page 5 helps you understand the book: it summarize all the chapters of the book → Section 10 page 6 is a map of Senegal which shows you where the story in the book takes place.

Activity #4: At home.

 In Cheikh Hamidou Kane’s novel Ambiguous Adventure, you will read Part I, chaps 1-7.

 Do the following: (1) Give each of these chapters a short title (5-6 words) that summarizes each of these

chapters. (2) Choose one of the characters in these first seven chapters, present this character in a 10

line paragraph and write down two quotes pertaining to that character. Explain why these two quotes strike you.

Activity #5:

 Have you subscribe to the New York Times on line? If not, do the following as indicated in an announcement on Blackboard last week: (1) Go to nytimes.com/pass (2) Click the blue button to create an account (3) Use your mail.fresnostate.edu email to register (4) Verify your account (you will receive a confirmation email)

 Now you are ready to read 2 articles on Africa!

 Which two articles are you going to read?

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