1. Russia would become the largest land empire in the world by the eighteenth century.  During this time, Imperial China would be led by the Qing dynasty.  This age of Chinese history would see a rapid population growth leading to the world’s most populated country.  What factors led to imperial consolidation in Russia and China?  Who were some of the most important rulers who helped to strengthen the power of Russia and China?  In your essay you will wish to discuss the reign of Ivan IV “the Terrible”, the achievements of Peter the Great, the ways in which a silver economy would produce links between China and the outside world, the reign of Emperor Kangxi in China, and the ways in which empire building changed the environment of Russia and China. (Pages 723-736)
  2. In what ways did the development of Japan in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries differ from China?  Did self-isolation seem to aid or hinder the development of Japan?  How did Korea develop between China and Japan under the Yi dynasty?  In your essay you will wish to discuss the social classes of early Japan (daimyo, samurai), how foreigners were viewed (nanban), how Japanese agriculture developed differently than China, and the ways in which Korea interacted with both Japan and China.  (Pages 736-748)

The cultural comparison paper compares three civilizations of the student’s choosing. This paper must be 600 words in length.


A student will pick any three civilizations covered in this class.  Students will compare and contrast all three civilizations in terms of the following:

1) Social and Cultural: Examine everyday activities, social order, and classes within the culture. (Example: how were women represented and treated in each culture?)

2) Political and Economic: What were their political structures like? What were their economies like? (Example: how did their political organizations differ?)

3) Diplomatic and Military: How much influence over the world did they have? How did they interact with their neighbors?  (Example: Were there major wars during their histories? Were they conquerors? Were they conquered? )

You can compare and contrast other themes within the three cultures you looked at as well; however, students must cover these themes in their essay.

The essay should be written in collegiate format (organized with an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs and conclusion.) The paper must be in proper APA format.

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