Final Term Paper Guidelines Topic: Human Rights Violations in Asian Countries

Professor suggestions: You should pick which human rights violations you will look at– keeping in mind that your research paper will need to be focused, for you to make an argument. Research paper could focus by looking at specific Asian countries (such as India, Syria, Yemen*, Pakistan, and China– so you can choose one or two) and the human rights violations there.

For the final paper, there is no word or page limit.

Please ensure that yours has the following elements:

– thorough introduction to the topic – significance of the topic in international relations – a clear argument – supporting data with references – counterargument and rebuttal – summary and conclusion

1. Components of a Term Paper

i. Preliminaries

a. Title Page

b. Abstract (if required) ii. Text

a. Introduction

b. Main Body (Chapters or Sections)

c. Conclusion

iii. Reference Materials

2. Guidelines for Preliminaries

2.1. Title Page (this does not count as a page)

A title page contains:

i. the title of your paper

ii. your name and student number

iii. the course name and code

iv. the instructor’s name

v. the due date

2.2. Abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of the main ideas of your term paper usually in about 100 to 200 words. The main elements are as follows:

i. a short statement of your research nature or subject

ii. a brief description of your general theoretical approach and research methods

iii. a short summary of your main arguments and research findings

3. Guidelines for Text

3.1. Introduction An introduction should be an interesting opening to show the main theme and specific topics of your paper. An introduction usually forms through:

i. a concise and complete statement of your research question or the general purpose of your term paper.

ii. a justification for your study (the significance)

iii. a background to your research question and a review of the relevant literatures on it (literature review)

iv. a brief statement of the sources of data, the procedure or methods of analysis (methodology)

v. a preview of the organization of the paper

3.2. Main Body (Chapters or Sections)

Since the topics of term papers are so diverse, it is impossible to give specific indications of how to write the main body of a term paper. But, the general rule is that you must organize your presentation in a logical framework with a clear conceptual linkage among sections and give every point with substantial support from concrete source.

3.3. Conclusion

A conclusion should provide a firm ending of what you have discussed in the paper and, preferably, further to reach a judgment, to endorse one side of an issue, or to offer directives. A good conclusion usually contains:

i. a recapitulation of the main findings or main themes

ii. statements about the specific values or alternative insights of your paper for understanding the subject matter

iii. indications of the important relevance to the current circumstance or future possibility

iv. suggestions for policy in points to your findings

4. Guidelines for Reference Materials Different institutions have developed different styles of documentation. No matter which one you use for your paper, the principle is to be consistent. The format system provided. Here comes from the American Psychological Association (APA system).

4.1. Parenthetical Reference

A term paper must have a clear documentation of all reference materials used in the text. This requires that your paper must indicate from where you obtained:

i. direct quotations

ii. borrowed ideas (including paraphrases and summaries)

iii. data and cases (if they did not come through your own research)

4.4. References

At the end of your paper, you must provide a reference list in an alphabetical order by the surname of the author. Note: If you use the title ‘Bibliography’, you can list out both references cited in the text and the relevant works which have been consulted. But, if you use the title ‘Reference’, you should only list out the references cited in the text.

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