In this assignment worth 150 points, you will consider the present-day relevance of history with a current event that pertains to this class. Topics to consider include women’s issues, civil rights issues, immigration issues, refugee issues, Native American issues, politics, recent discoveries, and many other subjects. You are to find a legitimate news article for the event and do the following: (1) summarize the article’s main idea in a paragraph (5 sentences minimum), (2) write two paragraphs in which you utilize your textbook and notes to analyze how your current event selection relate to the past. Include the link(s) to your news article(s) in your paper.

**For World History 1 (HIST 1111), be sure that your topic is relevant to WORLD HISTORY**

Do not used biased sources such as OccupyDemocrats.com or Conservative Daily News (etc.,) which clearly lean toward certain political parties, etc.

Be sure to perform a spelling and grammar check prior to submission. Use Times New Roman font (size 12).

Any assignment that is not submitted will receive a grade of zero. I will take late assignments up to 3 days after the due date (with a 10-point deduction for each day that the assignment is late). Assignments will NOT be accepted after the 3rd day.

You want it to cover something from the ancient world – the one you turned in would be better for World History 1 and see if there are some new discoveries regarding the civilizations we have discussed – for example, Maya, Ancient China, Ancient India, Egypt. Something like that.

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