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Initial Discussion Post

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TASK: Carefully analyze the secondary source “Europe’s Last Summer” by David Fromkin Preview the document(remember: the lesson content page WWI: Causes (Background)WWI: Causes (Background) provide good background knowledge for the Fromkin essay) by answering the questions that are visible in lavender chart below.  Write an analytic summary using the questions below.  No Q & A.

How to cite this source?

1David Fromkin, “Europe’s Last Summer” in Worlds of History: A Comparative Reader Volume II since 1400, ed. Kevin Reilly (New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s Press, 2013), xx.


1. The main purpose of this article is ____________________________.

2. The key question that the author is addressing is ____________________.

3. The most important evidence in this article is ______________________.  (include 3-5 pieces of evidence used by the author to support their conclusions/argument)

4. The key concept(s) we need to understand in this article is/are ____________.  (Concepts are organizing ideas used in reasoning and explanation. So, what are the key ideas expressed in this article?)  These can be a single word or a short phrase (Examples: freedom, oppression, violence, rights, cult of true womanhood).

5. The main conclusions in this article are _________________________.  (Author’s thesis statement)

6. The main assumptions underlying author’s thinking is/are _______________________.

7. What are the consequences of this author’s line of reasoning?

8. The main point(s) of view presented in this article is/are _______________.

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