Minimum 400 words APA format reference cited biblical worldview

Forum 3: Individual Encounter and Synthesis

I am learning about the Vietnamese culture as an African American Christian woman. This assignment should include informative and interesting facts about studying the Vietnamese cultural. Also, compare and contrast some things that are similar and different with Vietnamese and African American cultural.

Why do you believe that lenin orders the Kulaks to be hanged as the method of execution?
What is potential problem with Lenin ordering ‘at least 100′ executions?
Why would it be interest of the entire revolution’ that this policy be implemented?
What economic decisions were made to introduce communism? there are 5 here
What disadvantage would the Whites have based on the groups that made up the coalition? Why might the ordinary Russian be reluctant to support Whites?

What did Lenin institute a policy that is the anti thesis of communism?

I want it today.

Hello everyone! i need a page of 700 words summarizing a bit of the video on the link below and add some information about the chapters i posted in the files. You don’t have to read everything or watch the whole video since all you have to do is summarize. Please follow the rubric so you don’t miss any details. Thank you.

This is the link to the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuMuFsCJFWI

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