Now transition to the “Classical World” or the world of the Greco-Roman civilizations, here is the discussion topic relating to these societies, which has multiple parts:

First, identify the structures of society and of government in Classical Athens (590-404 BC), Classical Sparta (ca. 650-ca. 370 BC), Classical Persia (559-330 BC), and the Classical Hellenistic Empire (330-ca.134 BC); then, second, discuss the distinctions between the Classical Athenian, Spartan, Persian, and Hellenistic forms of government and society; then, third, assess which you feel was most effective and why/by what definition of “effective”. Then, once you’ve considered all these Classical societies, please identify the structures of society and of government in the Roman Republic (509-31 BC) and the Roman Empire (31 BC-ca. 476 AD), differentiating between different eras in the Republic and Empire as you see fit; then compare the Roman Republic and Roman Empire to Classical Athens and Sparta and, again, assess which you feel was most effective and why/by what definition of “effective”; then, finally, evaluate which of these Classical World societies you feel has had the greatest impact on our modern 21st Century American government and society and why. Feel free to relate these societies to our contemporary society and current events – especially given the 2016 election and its results – but make sure to focus on the historical context, philosophies, and events of the Classical World in your discussions.

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