f your international firm were doing business in Asia, is there anything that your company could do to ease the tensions these cultures are experiencing? Be specific.

In your opinion, is globalization among the causes of the increasing incidence of divorce, crime, and drug abuse in Asia? Why or why not?

Broadly defined, Asia comprises more than 60 percent of the world’s population— a population that practices Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, and numerous other religions. Thus, do you think it is possible to carry on a valid discussion of “ Asian” values? Why or why not?

Consider the following statement: “ Economic development and capitalism require a certain style of doing business in the twenty- first century. The sooner Asian cultures adapt the better.” Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

look at the mexican cession and think about where the united states began back in 1776. What unique borders did the united states gain when it acquired this territory?

Essay question: Two prompts available. Answer only one. 300-450 words in length only (slightly shorter than the Reaction Paper minimum length). Answers should include at least two citations to assigned reading in this course. Citations may be parenthetical or footnotes, but they must include the name of the author and a page number. 40 points

A. Examine the two images below and explain how they helped cause controversy in the culture wars. Your answer should identify the art by artist and title (if possible) and also define the basic idea of the culture wars, including how these particular images sparked a reaction.

Serrano Piss Christ.jpgMapplethorpe bondage.jpg

B. This course focuses on divided culture. Explain why artwork that challenges traditional views regarding sexuality, the body, or gender roles has sparked several culture war battles.

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