US History to 1865 Dr. Harmon

Mid-Term Examination

The exam consists of two parts; Identifications and the essay.

Part I. Identifications (42%)

You are required to answer SIX of the listed terms. Tell who or what the item is and why it is historically important (think, why is this significant to the period under study.)

John Calvin The Enlightenment Navigation Acts

Stono Rebellion Great Awakening Charter of Privileges/Liberties

Treaty of Paris (1763) Mayflower Compact Roger Williams

Intolerable Acts Jonathon Edwards

Part II Essay (58%)

You must answer one of the two essay questions below.

1. English people colonized both Chesapeake Bay and Massachusetts Bay soon after 1600, yet these two colonial ventures turned into radically different societies. In a coherent, well conceived essay explain why these two colonies evolved so differently, between their first settlement and about 1700. Be sure to include major themes and support your claims with specific historical examples.


3. A prominent historian of early America has argued that the experience of the British colonies in North America between 1607 and 1755 is best understood as “a never ending struggle against British imperial rule.” Do you agree or disagree? In your opinion was the “struggle against British imperial rule” the primary force that caused the colonies to develop as they did before 1755? If not, what force or forces shaped the colonies? Be sure to support your answer with specific historical examples.

Hints: Social, cultural, religious, economic, political.

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