History 385 – Exam 2 – !1

History 385 Modern Boston Exam 2 – Week 4

Due on January 20th, 11:59 pm


• Write your exam as a Word document. • Save your exam as Family Name_Exam 2 Save it frequently!!! • Write your name at the top left of the page. • Insert page number in the header on the right side. • Submit your final document in .doc, .docx, or .pdf only by January 20th, 11:59 pm. • You can use the material that we have seen in class (slides, readings, etc) to do your exam.

Identify each section of your exam 
 The exam will be divided into two sections. 1) Identifications & 2) Essay

1. Identifications 
 For this part of the exam, you must identify 2 of the following terms (25 points each), based on all the information presented in lectures, reading, and multimedia material presented in class. For each identification question, you will be asked to write at least a full paragraph which will answer the following:

• Who?/What? Identify the person, the event, or concept • When? this person lived, event occurred, or concept emerged • Where? this person lived, event occurred, or concept emerged if relevant • Why? Explain the historical significance of this person, event, or concept • You must include the historical significance in the long term, emphasizing its importance

Urban Renewal Busing Crisis

Suburbanization Mothers for Adequate Welfare (MAW)

Big Dig Eisenstadt v. Baird

History 385 – Exam 2 – !2

2. Essay question

For this part of the exam, you will choose 1 of the questions. (50 points) Your essay will contain 7 paragraphs. It will be a detailed answer to the question, including concepts, events, and a logical argument. You should cover every point of the question in your answer. Your essay will be graded on the links you make between events, the logic of your argument, and the details of your answers.

1. Future Challenges: Today, you work at Boston City Hall as a policy analyst. You are tasked with writing a report for the mayor, explaining a pressing issue that the city needs to resolve. Using historical data (from this class), make a case for a specific challenge that Boston needs to address in the next five years. Your essay will be structured around the following model (each paragraph should be substantial): • First paragraph: introduction announcing what will be in the report (situating the

problem, the argument, different sections) • Second paragraph: the problem itself with current data • Third and fourth paragraph: historical context • Fifth paragraph: proposed solutions • Sixth paragraph: possible problems and pitfalls • Seventh paragraph: conclusion (summary of the situation and of the proposed solutions,

path to open for more questions).

2. Conservative vs radical: Boston is a contradictory city. In many cases, it appears to be a liberal city where people are welcoming and accepting of differences. In others though, it is a conservative city that is prone to intolerance. Compare and contrast these two facets of Boston’s character over time. You can use examples that we specifically covered in class, but feel free to include examples that may have only briefly touched upon. Your essay should be seven paragraphs long. Your first paragraph should be your introduction, announcing the topic of your essay, the argument that you will make, and a description of the structure of your essay. The last paragraph should be your conclusion, summarizing your argument and opening your essay to unexplored questions. The remaining paragraphs should be the body of your text. Make sure to cover a long period of Boston’s history, showing how views may have changed over time.

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