2 Part Essay. MLA FORMAT . Each answer should be between 300-500 words.


American Literature before the Civil War



1. Based on the readings from weeks one and two, discuss the images of America the European writers constructed to promote colonization and settlement. What kinds of unique natural resources and environmental factors did they extol in their accounts of the New World? Relate these images to natural resources and environmental factors today.


2. Based on the readings from weeks one and two, choose one passage written by one of the authors we’ve read. Identify the author and the title of the work. Then analyze the passage you chose in terms of its significance and historical impact. You should explain why it was chosen, look at the details provided in the passage, and explain in detail what the passage suggests about the work as a whole including its value to American history as well as to American literature.


Attached are the readings and formats for the essay portion. (If you need it.)


Here’s an additional link for the essay portion.


I Identification and Significance. For each write a short paragraph (minimum 3 to 4 sentences). Make sure you are as incisive and factual with your response, and stress the significance of the person, place, or thing.

1. The Bicycle as a Technological Antecedent

2. “European by Birth, American by Adoption”

3. Early 20th century Electric Cars

4. Horatio Nelson Jackson

5. Henry Ford and the Origins of Mass Production

6. The Ford Model T

7. Frederick Winslow Taylor and Scientific Management

8. Sloanism and Production Changes, late 1920s-1930s

9. Billy Durant and General Motors

10. C.F. “Boss” Kettering and the Self-Starter

11. Harley Earl and Automotive Design

12. Ned Jordan and Automotive Advertising

13. The Rickenbacker Automobile

14. The Lincoln Highway

15. The Copper-Cooled Engine

16. Route 66

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