Video Questions: We Shall Remain – After The Mayflower

Note: Answer all questions in your own words. DO NOT COPY FROM THE VIDEO. Its okay to quote from the text within your answer, but I want you to have to understand what you have read and then explain it to me. Just coping from the text doesn’t show me that you understood. Some of the questions will only take a sentence or two to answer, however others will take paragraphs. Make sure you have fully answer the questions before you turn this work in.


1) What was the first winter like for the pilgrims and who helped them for the next winter?

2) What was the relationship between Massasoit / Wampanoag’s and the Puritans? (why did they each need a friendship/political relationship?)

3) What were the Wampanoag’s relationships with other tribes in their area?

4) Explain the progression of European exploration and colonization in the Wampanoag area.

5) What role did disease play in this area?

6) What did the Wampanoag’s think of the Puritans and how did they interact with each other eventually?

7) How did the Wampanoag react when hey saw Winslow in his armor?

8) Why would these two groups make a treaty with each other (what is each group getting out of it)?

9) What is an “outside chief”?

10) What is Wampum and how it is used by the Native Americans? How do the European treat wampum?

11) How do the Europeans change the wampum industry?.

12) What “moral obligation” did the puritans have?

13) Why are the animals that the English bring “devastating”?

14) how did the English see American land?

15) How does the power dynamics begin to shift between the Wampanoag and the English?

16) What happened to the Pequot?

17) What happens in the 1650’s?

18) What was a Praying Town?

19) Why did Massasoit want the curb the missionaries’ activities?

20) What did Philip try and do once he came to power?

21) How did Europeans get land from the Indians?

22) Why is Winslow angry? What does he demand?

23) What does Philip do?

24) What choices were Philip struggling with?

25) What causes Philip to act against the English? What does Philip do?

26) What do the English do to the Praying Town Indians?

27) Way does Philip return to Mt Hope?

28) What happened to Philip?

29) What happened to Philips son?

30) What do the English do with Philips head and what does that represent?

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