a) “Capitol and Labor”


Credits: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rogers Fund, 1948. (48.80) Photograph, all rights reserved, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1. Why did many Americans in the Gilded Age worry that this vision of harmony no longer described American life?

2. Give some examples of how the images here misrepresent the realities of the period.

They Have Built a Nation map


Credits: Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota

1. What does this map suggest about how the government was trying to shape public opinion during the 1930s?

2. How did the picture of American society presented here differ from the government’s approach during World War I?

Freedom image


Credits: George Mill

1. What “restrictions” on freedom do you think the artist has in mind?

2. What is the purpose of juxtaposing the large word “FREEDOM” with the small print?

Many Rivers Crossed: Rise Video Assignment

Why did racial tensions explode in Detroit?

Explain the reason behind calling Detroit the “arsenal of racial conflict”

How did actor and singer Paul Robeson’s use his celebrity status to participate in the Civil Rights Movement? Why is he often overlooked in the Civil Rights Movement?

What were two of the reactions from parents in New Orleans when Ruby Bridges desegregated a white elementary school?



Before sitting at the lunch counters in Nashville, how did the students train for the non-violence/passive resistance? Why did passive resistance work in Nashville?

Give two reasons why Malcolm X was appealing to Northern African American audiences.



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