Art History: Prehistory to the Middle Ages

Week 3 Project

Similarities and Differences in Architecture

Part 1 of 2: Comparison chart

Greek Temple Roman Temple Early Christian Church Byzantine Church
Choose one example from each group:
Sanctuary of Apollo, Delphi

(c. 530-525 bce)

Reconstruction of an Etruscan Temple (based on archaeological evidence and description by Vitruvius) Church of Santa Sabina, Rome. c. 422-432 ce Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

c. 523-437 ce

Temple of Aphaia, Aegina (c. 500 bce) Temple, perhaps dedicated to Portunus, Rome. (c. late 2nd century bce) Church of Santa Costanza, Rome.

c. 350 ce

Church of San Vitale, Ravenna. Consecrated, 547 ce.
Parthenon, Athens (c. 447-432 bce) Pantheon, Rome. c. 118-128 ce. Old Saint Peters, Rome (Reconstruction). C. 320-327 ce. Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem. c. 691-692 ce
Visual similarities

Visual differences

Part 2 of 2: Essay: Historical and Social Context

In a paragraph of at least 8-10 sentences, highlight key similarities and differences between the four structures, and any social, historical, religious, and/or political factors that may have contributed to these similarities and differences. Explain the use and function of each structure, and provide any additional details that help us understand its full meaning.

[Your answer should be written in paragraph form here.]

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