Essay 1 : Write an essay on the single most important cultural development in the high renaissance and early mannerism (1494-1564)

Focus on one particular cultural development and explain. Support your answers with well-reviewed articles.

*6 academic sources at least*

*3 Pages*

Essay 2: Write an Essay comparing any aspect of the Ancient Roman Empire and the Contemporary American Empire (USA)

Focus on one aspect of each of the empires and then compare. Support your answers with well-reviewed articles. Don’t write generic aspects. Give examples to back up your claims.

Three large parts of the world remained separate from the Afro-Eurasian network. Each had their own experiences and formed their own networks. In what specific ways did the worlds of Inner Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific follow or diverge from three broad patterns of Afro-Eurasian history from 8000 BCE to 1450 CE? What three things can we learn from the different experiences of parallel worlds?

500 word and don’t forget the refences. APA format.

You have read four different versions of the Dōjōji story—from the 11th century, in a collection of tales demonstrating the efficacy of the Lotus Sutra; from the 12th century, in Tales of Times Now Past; from the 16th, as “The Tale of Dōjōji” and as a Nō play, from the 15th. How do the versions differ from each other? What do the differences tell us about the cultural changes between the 11-12th centuries and the 15-16th? Are there any differences among the versions with respect to the crucial issue of how women are treated?

As before, the essay should be 7 pages long (about 2000 words), double spaced, in a normal font.

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