EAS 209 Third Response Paper Topic

>>>Assignment Due Date: Friday, November 16, 2018<<<

Write 350 words, excluding works cited and references, on the following topic:

Leti Volpp discusses two legal cases that involved a legal strategy known as “cultural defense.” According to Volpp, what are the problematic outcomes that resulted from certain use of “cultural defense” and what should be the criteria for determining when a “cultural defense” can be used effectively? Make sure you discuss the above by clearly noting how exactly a “culture defense” was deployed in the two litigations and how the two cases differed in their approaches to “cultural defense.”

▪ Submit BOTH an online copy via Quercus AND a hard copy in your Tutorial Section. ▪ Papers must be type-written, double-spaced, appearing in 12 points Times New Roman font or its equivalent with 1” margins. Do not exceed 400 words. You are responsible for keeping an extra copy of your own paper. ▪ The assignment does not ask you to conduct additional research. Papers that do not respond to the given topic or do not follow the specific instructions described above will receive no marks. No resubmission allowed. ▪ You need to present your argument logically and clearly, fully demonstrate the precise understanding of Chakrabarty’s argument and substantiate your argument convincingly and with details. ▪ Observe the Chicago Manual of Style referencing practice and properly cite the passages you quote (i.e. author, title, page number, etc.). Works cited or references should not be counted toward the 350 word limit. ▪ Any ideas or expressions that are not your own must be placed in quotation marks and referenced with page number. Academic misconduct will not be tolerated. See: http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/osai/The-rules/what-is-academic-misconduct ▪ You may share notes and discuss your ideas with others for preparation. But the paper you submit must be exclusively written by you alone and in your own words clearly distinguishable from others’. Papers that plagiarize, replicate others, or contain identical or near-identical passages that appear in other papers will not be accepted or credited. ▪ You must proof-read before submission. Sentences that are incomplete or unintelligible will not be read or credited. ▪ Late submission and papers submitted via e-mail will not be accepted or credited unless under extraordinary circumstances. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCPETION!

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