African American Personality Reaction Paper #4: Diagnose Yourself

For your diagnosis paper, you are reading the autobiography of a famous African/Black person and using the diagnosis and disorders we have discussed in class to analyze their life and their journey. But, for this paper, you will be analyzing yourself. What African/Black Psychological disorders or diagnosis have you dealt with in the past, or would you be diagnosed with currently? Why? Were you aware that you suffered from this disorder or disorders before you entered this class? What treatment would you prescribe yourself in order to overcome this disorder? How does knowing all of this help you on your future journey through life? How will this help you achieve to your optimal capabilities?

This paper should be 4 pages (at least 1200 words) of actual text excluding the cover page (if you include one) and the Works Cited/Bibliography page. This paper must also be:

*formal in structure

*grammatically correct

*formatted correctly via your citation style

*cited correctly (via MLA, APA, or Chicago)


*double spaced

*use 12-point font

*use Times New Roman font

*include page numbers

*include a title

*underline your thesis

*type in the word count on the bottom of the last page of the paper

Also, please make sure you take into consideration all of the comments you received on your last papers. This reaction paper is due on Wednesday, November 14th. No late papers will be accepted. Hotep!

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