Research Paper

You are required to write one, 8-10 page paper on a topic of your choice. The topic must be submitted and approved by me before you complete the paper. This assignment requires you to first to critically analyze primary resources and then to research related secondary sources as you develop the paper. It provides you with the opportunity to develop research and writing skills as well as synthesize knowledge about an important subject.

· Topic (5 points): Consider an issue relevant to the course and have instructor’s approval of the topic. Construct a thesis statement and submit it along with your topic (please see the Schedule of Due Dates).

· Thesis, Outline, and Bibliography (15 points): submit your revised thesis and an outline of the paper along with your bibliography (please see the Schedule of Due Dates).

· Identify and use at least six examples of primary sources (letters, diaries, publications, etc.) related to the issue

· Consult a number (at least 6) of additional secondary sources that help develop the thesis

NOTE: Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable primary or secondary source!

· Final Paper (130 Points) – Submitted via the Dropbox

· Include an introduction, body, and conclusion

· Include 4+ primary sources and 6+ secondary sources

· Elaborate on major points with a degree of specificity

· Avoid spelling errors, improper grammar, flawed punctuation, and awkward language

· Includes 8-10 pages of fully typed text, using one inch margins, double spaced, 12 point font, approximately 250 words per page

· Use the Chicago manual of style consistently and correctly for your footnotes.

· Add a bibliography—with proper citations.

Thesis: Women throughout history have made their mark when it comes to women’s suffrage, fighting for equality and righting the wrongs of the past. Without these women, who hail from around the world, the female gender would not have the same rights as they have today. The United Kingdom, Germany, and France have contributed greatly by producing some of the most influential women without whom the women’s suffrage movement would not have succeeded.


Please focus on women from the countries I have listed in the thesis, and how they impacted/effected the suffrage of women. These women must be from history – at least 30 years ago. Please do not include any women from the last 30 years.

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