by Sandra Cisneros

She met him at a daiit • I’r. Ilij. inn. .nul uniimi .S,iiil h, n-nrked in a

restaurant, butshc can’ n m, //#/•> /• nhn-h ••m ihn!”- •;’,’. (Jri’cnpants and

Saturday shirt. Geral-I” l’li-il\ n-‘mit hi h-‘il hi r.

And how was sheito hiMtv almd buthv lusl nht U> MA-, him alive. An

accident, don’t you know. Hit and run. Marin, sheçioes to all those dances.

Uptown. Logan. Embassy. Palmer. Aragov. Fmitniia. The Manor. She likes

to dance. She knows how to do cumbias and salsas and rancheras even.

And he was just someone she danced with. Somebody she met that night.

That’s right. *. •:•’; , – . – ” . • > •. ,” , ;

That’s the story. That’s what she said again and again. Once to the hospital people and twice to the police. No address. No nanie. Nothing in his pockets. Ain’t it a shame. Only Marín can’t explain why it mattered the hours and hours, for somebody she didn’t even know. Tlie hospital emergency room. Nobody but an intern working all alone. And maybe if the surgeon would’ve come, maybe if he hadn’t lost so much blood, if the surgeon had only come, they would,know,wko to notify and where.

But what difference does it make? He wasn’t anything to her. He wasn’t her boyfriend or anything like that: Just another brazer who didn’t speak English. Just another wetback. You know the kitid. The ones who always^ look ashamed. And what was she doing out at 3 a.m. anyway? Mann whx)\ was sent home with, her coat and some aspirin. How does she explain? \

She met him at a dance. Geraldo in hü shiny shirt ayid gxeen pants. Geraldo going to a dance. .> ,’ “”””*–,.

Wlrnt does it matter?j;^ Thf’/j never saw the kitchen rites. They never knew about the two-room

Jlats and sleeping rooms he rented, the weekly money orders .sent home, the eurreneji exchange. How could they?

His name was Geraldo. And his home is ifi another country. The onvs he leß behind arc far awny. will wonder, shrug, remember. Gernldn—hc went \ north … we never heard from him again.

!’• /}•;,,I.;l I, I’ll ¡¡.•rn.i.-i^iiin frni” T h e H o u s e rii i M : i r i g ( i , ‘ ~ i i i f f i , bij “-iiiu’lni ‘ ”.•-”,'< /».<.


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