Must be 200 words:

Discuss how or if post-Civil War America was truly a period of reform and justice for marginalized populations or if the population and economic landscapes provided for new forms of social and professional segregation. Use examples to support your answer.

Must be 300 words:

Mark Twain coined the term The Gilded Age as a sarcastic metaphor for America after the Civil War, which many called the Progressive Era. Give at least two examples of the intention and effects of Progressivism during this period, and make an argument about why you agree or disagree with Twain’s attitude.

Must be 200 words

Compare and contrast the classical and neoclassical schools of criminology. Do you believe that one school of criminology is more relevant than the other? Explain your answer.

Must be 200 words

What is the purpose of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and the Uniform Crime Report (UCR), and how are they used?

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