1) East Africa was colonized primarily by the:

A) West Africans

B) Spanish and Portuguese

C) French and Dutch

D) British and Germans

3) Under apartheid in South Africa, the term “coloreds” referred to individuals of mixed _______ descent.

A) Bantu and Zulu

B) African and European

C) Protestant and Catholic

D) Spanish and Portuguese

4) As a result of problems with debt repayment, the International Monetary fund required the Mexican government to cut back on:

A) petroleum exports

B) social services

C) military spending

D) manufacturing

5) Most anthropologists now agree that:

A) the political economy of sub-Saharan Africa is largely homogeneous

B) the general term “peasants” does not apply to peoples in African agricultural states

C) political diversity was much greater in Latin America than in Africa

D) the historical experience of Africa was similar to that of Latin America

Unit 4 Examination

6) An example of a dyadic contract would be the relationship between:

A) an individual and his cousins

B) a parent and a godparent

C) a woman and her nuclear family

D) a patriarch and his extended family

8) India, Burma, and Malaysia were conquered and colonized by the:

A) Dutch

B) French

C) British

D) Portuguese

11) The cultural materialist interpretation of the caste system attributes its origin to:

A) religious mythology

B) economic and political conditions

C) widespread social consensus

D) heredity

Unit 4 Examination

12) The caste system is a:

A) method of processing wheat in rural India

B) system of rural economic transactions based on reciprocity

C) political organization run by educated peasants

D) hierarchical organization of social groups based on kinship

13) Norman Chance, the fi rst anthropologist to do fieldwork in China in the 1970s after a long period during which ethnography was prohibited, concentrated on the economic life of:

A) a mining cooperative in southern China

B) an agricultural commune near Beijing

C) nomadic herdsmen near the border with Nepal

D) a bicycle factory in Shanghai

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