1.      Read the section on The Kingdom of God in chapter 11 of the textbook and respond to the following:


a.       Is it a present kingdom or a future kingdom?




b.      Is it a physical kingdom or a spiritual kingdom?




c.       List two other characteristics found in the reading.




2.      Read the section on The Mission of God in chapter 11 of the textbook and respond to the following:


a.       How is it related to God’s character?




b.      How is God’s mission characterized?




3.      Read the sidebar on Finding Your Purpose in chapter 11 of the textbook and describe the work ethic presented. What kind of work is best?




4.      List God’s purposes for our lives from Romans 8:28-29 (see Lecture 7).




5.      Read the section on Belief and Behavior in chapter 12 of the textbook and James 2:14-26. What is the relationship between faith and action?




6.      According to Mark 8:34, is being a disciple of Jesus easy or costly?




7.      Read the section on The Work of the Holy Spirit in chapter 12 of the textbook. List two functions of the Spirit in a Christian’s life.




8.      According to the Westminster Shorter Catechism quoted in the lecture, what is the primary purpose of humanity?




9.      Read 1 Corinthians 15:42-57 and list three characteristics of the glorified state.


1st Draft of Final 109 Spring 2015 4½ -5 pp Use an Outline!!!

Using specific historical examples, explain how your understanding of 1) freedom and 2) a free society has changed and deepened since the first days’ classes when you took notes on the topics and looked at the first power point on Freedom.

Show what you have learned from a minimum of two periods (As long as you cover these two thoroughly, you can use ANY of the rest of the time periods we have studied as well.)


1) You will be required to cover either the 1850s or Reconstruction (you will be given which one shortly before the end of the course.) as one of the 2 you cover.

2) Colonial and Native American early periods)

3) Founding of the Republic

4) 1820-1850, including the Market Revolution.

Be sure to use evidence, including specific actors, events, court cases, movements etc. that marked the evolution of the meaning and actuality of freedom over time.

Be sure to also include Big History methodology showing how the fundamental technologies involved inflected the meaning of freedom and the social & economic conditions that make freedom possible. (We have looked at various American societies from the Hunter-Gathering, Early Agricultural, Late Agricultural, and Industrial Techno Economic Periods.)

Remember, this is HISTORY, not an op ed piece. Have a thesis or theses, and then discuss the topic in terms of change over time and specifics.

You should not cover history after the Reconstruction, except for brief references to current issues, if you choose, in terms of your own changing concepts of freedom or very quick contextual comparisons. These type references should be very brief, concise, and NOT look like you are using it as filler instead of covering carefully material before 1877. Please take careful note of this.

Some hints of things you could include: meaning of the freedom(s), how it evolved, how it was articulated (by advocates, in laws, court cases constitution, etc.), proposed, argued for, fought for or against, gained, lost or became part of some people’s core definition of being an American, a free person, etc. Did this freedom impinge on any other group or individuals’ freedoms? If so, what was the relation between unfreedom for some and freedom for others, and how did this change over time.

Some types of freedom you might cover for your time periods:

· 1) Religious Freedom (different parts, e.g:)

· “True Christian Freedom”

· “Natural Freedom”

· Spiritual Freedom

· 2) Economic Freedom, including the effects of corporate power on government.

· 3)Political Freedom e.g.:

· Democracy

· Virtuous Republican Citizen

· Speech, etc.

· Freedom to criticize the Govt

· Freedom from centralization

● 4) Personal Freedom:

· From Deference

· Social Freedom

· Freedom to be left alone

· Freedom from control by others

● 5) Freedom for specific groups

Use ONLY class or syllabus materials. Citing sources may be done informally using endnotes : from Foner and Nace (page #’s) and PPTS (specific PPT & Slide #) IN CLASS films. Do not share your outlines or essay drafts with any classmate before handing the paper in. Nor may you read theirs.

Use of ANY Google Docs by class members will be considered cheating,

Use an Outline!!!

Let yourself write a bit more than you will submit, and then edit it down a page or two.


4 ½ to 5 full pp. of text (not including endnotes or title sections, or your name, class, date etc) double spaced, 12 pt font, standard margins. Extra Point for using recycled other side or double sided.

Put your CLASS NUMBER on top right of page 1. YOU MUST PUT your name, Hist 109. CLASS DAY, and date under the class #

YOU MUST Number your pages, (MUST BE stapled)


Give your paper a title.

Paper copy due in our classroom

For Mon/ Wed class, Monday May 11, 2-3 pm

For Tues class, May 12 5-6 pm

Due on Blackboard Turnitin Assignments by midnight, the same night you turn in the hard copy.

Remember, if it does not end up on Blackboard’s Turnitin you will lose at least 30 points, deducted from your grade.

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