Campaign Ad Instructions

For this assignment, you will need to create an election campaign. Other classes will be voting for you! Your job is to create a video and a print ad campaign that will end up getting you elected.

The Scenario

Read Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ (D) 2019 State of the State address below. After reading, complete the question matrix below the speech.

We are here to boldly forge a new path into the future. To make change work for us, rather than against us.

It’s true that our economy is strong. From agriculture and outdoor recreation to aerospace, bioscience, energy, and cannabis, we’ve watched industries succeed and create jobs.

We’ve become a model for how we can put politics aside and work together.

But, despite all of our progress, far too many people are either barely getting by, or falling behind.

Our administration’s mission and mandate from the voters begins with tackling the everyday challenges that Coloradans face because of the rising costs of living:

· Providing every single child with quality early education;

· Finally lowering the outrageous cost of health care;

· Creating good-paying jobs in the clean-energy sector that can never be outsourced; and

· Achieving true tax reform that reduces taxes for hardworking Coloradans instead of giving breaks to special interests while forcing families to pay more.

Together, we’re going to build an economy where Coloradans from all walks of life don’t just get by, but thrive…

Whether it’s the small business owner in Eagle County whose health care costs are threatening their Colorado dream…

The rancher in Fort Morgan whose livelihood is threatened by drought…

Or the parents struggling to pay $400 a month for kindergarten tuition in Douglas County.

To these Coloradans across our state, I want to say: our administration will work tirelessly to make our state work better for you — so that you can earn a good living and share in our special way of life. And I know that this Legislature will do the same, because every single one of us wants to see every single Coloradoan succeed. A Colorado for all.

Part of what defines our Colorado way of life are the values that we live by — values like equality under the law, honesty, the sanctity of basic human rights, and a free market for exchange of goods and services. We see the erosion of these values in some quarters of our nation today — which makes them all the more precious.

Here in Colorado, we treat each other with respect. We reject efforts to intimidate immigrant families, or tear children from their parents’ arms. We don’t tolerate bigotry or discrimination of any kind. And we don’t accept hostage-taking as a form of governance.

Question Matrix

What do you consider Governor Polis’ most important goal, and why does this goal affect you as an 18 year-old citizen of Colorado?
Which of the goals do you think are less important and why?
What clarifying questions would you ask the Governor about the goal you identified as most important? Write 2 or more.
How would you want the Governor to answer these questions? (What would he have to say to convince you that his plans are GOOD?)

The Scenario, continued

You have been chosen to run for election as a Colorado State Senator and you need to create a campaign that supports or opposes Governor Polis’ policies. For example, if you agree with his goal of “providing a quality early childhood education,” how would you go about convincing people to vote for you? Your video MUST INCLUDE at least:

1. Background and Biography of you – what makes you an appealing candidate OTHER than your policy position?

2. Description of the policy you support or oppose

3. How you intend to “make it happen” or offer a better policy? Be specific about what you want to happen. If you want to reform education, be specific about how and why you would reform it.

4. What else do you bring to the table? What other things are important to you?

5. A slogan to close your video.

What needs to be turned in:

1. Your video

2. Campaign Mailers

3. Trump/Hillary Campaign Analysis

Read this article to help you get ideas:

Before you begin filming, you need to approve your topic with me. Rubric to follow, but you MUST include one type of the above appeals. Your ad should be at least a minute in length, and your groups can be up to 3. Your ad must be realistic. We will be watching and analyzing each one of the ads in class. Before you leave to film, you need to create a storyboard so you have some direction in your life.

Storyboard: Does not have to contain a full script, just provide a general idea of the scenes you are going to include. You only have about a 90 seconds – consider the things that we saw in class. Your ad should outline the issue, provide example, state your argument, address your opponents, and then have a conclusion (This ad endorsed by..).

Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5


Highly Successful Successful Not Yet Successful
The student will be prepared, demonstrating clear planning and thought about the assignment (not rushed)

The student will condense multiple sources to convey a clear and distinct perspective with supportive evidence.

The ad contains concession and effective persuasion.

The ad is of exceptionally high quality.

The student is prepared and able to answer questions accurately with evidence/justification

The student will be prepared to present and discuss their material.

The student will combine sources to convey their message, but there may be some missing evidence or unaddressed perspectives.

The ad contains persuasive language.

The ad is of high quality.

Questions can be answered, but lack reason

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