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Interest Group Extra Credit: Texas Nurse Practitioners (TNP)

1. The interest group in the state of Texas I would be writing about is the Texas Nurse Practitioners or TNP for short, founded in 1989 when the official charter for Texas Nurse Practitioners (TNP) was signed, TNP has focused on meeting the needs of nurse practitioners across the state of Texas. The main goal of TNP are to advance, support and promote the role of nurse practitioners and to promote accessible, quality health care provided by nurse practitioners. This includes not only continuing educational opportunities, but also providing members current information that impacts their clinical practice.

1. I picked the TNP as an interest group in Texas because with God’s help my goal is to become a nurse in the state of Texas. And as a nurse TNP will be a voice through our governing body by promoting legislature not only for me but all nurses across Texas dedicated to improving education and work for nurses while improving care for the patients.

1. TNP promotes legislative changes that enhance nurse practitioners’ practices within Texas, which positively affects patient welfare. Some of the policies the TNP has been responsible for are the full practice authority (H.B. 1792/S.B. 2438) and Signature Recognition for Worker’s Compensation Forms (H.B. 387/ S.B. 1022) which are legislations that that would allow nurse practitioners (NPs) to practice to the full extent of their training and education, remove costly and burdensome regulatory requirements such as signed delegation agreements with physicians, and place NPs under the exclusive regulatory authority of the Texas Board of Nursing. These changes will allow NPs to serve patients in a more timely and cost-effective manner, while also reducing the medical paperwork burden on both patients and physicians

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