For the case study Partners Healthcare System (PHS): Transforming Health Care Services Delivery Through Information Management, answer the following questions:

What are the challenges faced by PHS in implementing an enterprise-wide electronic medical records system?

What are the challenges faced in establishing a decision support system to assist health care providers in treating their patients?

From a project management perspective, which system deployment factors appear to be present, and which factors appear to be absent

Does the IS unit’s approach to the architectural design of the solution mitigate project risk and contribute to a successful outcome? If so, explain how. If not, identify what is needed to improve the situation?

Is there anything noteworthy in the IS unit’s use of R & D centers? Do these centers contribute to the initial success or to the ongoing value of the LMR/CPOE investment?

What are the operational IT and MIS challenges posed by the systems now in place for the following groups:

  • PHS Management
  • PHS health care practitioners
  • Health Care practitioners and allied agencies (such as insurance companies and state and federal agencies)
  • The PHS IS organization

What are the total cost of ownership (TCO) implications of the overall LMR/CPOE investment?







As you prepare your case analysis, you may want to:

  • Think about the Critical Success Factors of LMR / CPOE deployment
  • Apply Glaser’s Seven Durable Ideas to the implementation
  • Consider the case through a risk-assessment framework
  • Apply the Project Management Life Cycle to the system

In your Introduction, you may want to discuss how and why organizations such as PHS deliver health care. What is the core business strategy? What are their needs? How does the organization operate with a focus on services, goals, and objectives? How is its performance measured?

What is PHS’s value proposition and does it achieve positive outcomes?

Once you’ve fully understood PHS business model, then you can move on to the information management and information technology that will support the core business processes and tactical and strategic needs.

You may want to apply the Tracy and Wiersema framework to identifying PHS’ strategic focus or competency:

  1. operational excellence
  2. customer intimacy
  3. innovation and product leadership

This is a key point because strategic focus will drive the information processing and management requirements, and this relates to operations, control and decision making, and innovation.


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