Please keep short and sweet, no more than 2 pages that will touch all points without plagarism. Note this is a discussion question.

“Designing and Managing Organizations” Please respond to the following. Note: Online students, please respond to two (2) of the following three (3) bulleted items.

· Reconstruct the theories of Fayol, Weber, Taylor, and Gullick. Suggest two (2) ways in which the management process enhances organizational efficiency. Include at least two (2) examples to support your response.

· In Chapter 8 (p.300) of the textbook, Denhardt & Denhardt stated that human beings often appear “irrational” in terms of the system, even though what they are doing, from their point of view, may be perfectly rational. Refer to the examples below, then construct another two (2) examples that support Denhardt & Denhardt’s statement.

1. Individuals complaining to the Utilities Commission about paying for power during power outages when no power is running
2. Individuals complaining about the inefficiencies of Bureau of Motor Vehicles
3. Individuals complaining about the structural and procedural issues that influenced the response to Katrina victims

5 question no more then 100 words per question


1 Some Supreme Court observers argue that the Court should play a self-restrained (strict constructionist) role in policy-making, whereas others support judicial activism. What arguments have been raised by those encouraging self-restraint/strict-constructionism? How would those in favor of judicial activism respond?


2 Is unconventional participation a natural right of citizens in a democracy? Does it have equal legitimacy with conventional activity, or should unconventional political behavior be limited so special circumstances? If you agree with the latter point of view, explain what circumstances justify this sort of action. Is violent political action ever justified in a democracy?


3 Do interest groups play a legitimate role within the American political system? If so, what role is that? If not, should we do without them?


4 Are campaigns and elections worth the bother? Is this a rational or efficient method of choosing leaders? Suggest some reforms that would improve our current campaign/electoral process.


5 Some argue that the social welfare programs are critical to alleviating conditions that affect the poor. However, these programs are often criticized as being government giveaways to the lazy. Is either side-or are both sides-correct? Why or why not?

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