1)   Log on to which is the website for PBS Frontline.  You will need JAVA and/or Flash Player in order to stream the video from your computer.

2)   If the above link is broken then google PBS Frontline Archives.  Click on the link and there you will find the list of videos available to view.  Type in the title of the video in the search box or scroll through the videos to find it.

3)   Select and view the video listed below.

4)   Answer the questions found in the template below.  You must type the questions and answers in the forum. Please note I will not accept any analyses that are submitted as attachments.  Make sure you post your response in the forum.

5)   Remember you are required to read and provide brief critical reactions to at least one of your classmate’s analysis.

6)   Once you post your analysis in the forum and respond to your classmate(s), you are done with this assignment.



Title – Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA

January 6, 2015



Template for Analyzing the Video

1)      State as accurately as possible the video’s purpose for presenting this information.  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

2)      What is the video attempting to convey and from what perspective is it presenting the information?  Provide your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

3)      What key question can you develop from the content presented in the article?  Provide your question and then your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

4)      What are the most important ideas you would have to understand in order to understand the video’s line of reasoning?  Provide your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

5)      What is the video failing to address (what might be questioned)?  Provide your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

6)      What consequences are likely to follow if people take the video’s line of reasoning seriously? Provide your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

7)      What consequences are likely to follow if people ignore the video’s reasoning?  Provide your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

8)      Identify the key conclusions the video comes to and presents?  Provide your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

9)      What facts, experiences, or data is the video using to support its conclusions?  Provide your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

Deadline: October 12, 2017 by 11:59pm.


The questions below are to be used as the framework for responding to at least one of your classmate’s posting.  That is, select a posting you wish to respond to then evaluate the work and answer the following questions.  Be sure to address the questions to your classmate and make it relevant to his/her work.  You are required to provide a minimum of (5) five sentences for each question (#1 – #8) posted below and to respond to at least to one of your classmates.  Let’s have some fun with this while providing critical and relevant policy discussions and remember to respect all viewpoints.

1) What is your classmate presenting as his/her main idea/purpose?  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

2) What question is your classmate attempting to answer?  Provide at least 4 alternate questions for the author.

3) What information does your classmate provide as a basis for arriving at his/her own conclusion?  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

4) What are the main conclusions or inferences made by your classmate?  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

5) What are the main ideas that guide your classmate’s thinking?  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

6) What does your classmate take for granted?  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

7) What is your classmate’s perspective and how is s/he seeing it?  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

8) If your classmate is correct (or insightful), what are some implications we should recognize?  Explain your analysis/answer in five (5) or more sentences.

My classmates answer:

Cynthia Hood 

DQ 1- Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA


Top of Form

1) The purpose of this video is to silence those who believe in common sense gun regulations, to silence the victim’s and families of gun violence, and to let everyone know that no matter how much you have suffered the NRA will not lose. They will turn your pain into their victory, they will spin the tragedy to their members and say, “If only the victim’s had a gun”. Any members of the government who try to go against them by pushing any gun related bill in Washington will be considered a enemy and they will run a candidate who will do the NRA’s agenda. It is all about money, privilege, and males.

2) The video tried to present the horrifying pain these victims and their families have faced and are facing today. It show’s their painful struggle to make something positive come out of their suffering. Pushing through their pain and trying to be good parents and good citizens after what they have seen and experienced. On the flip side, the NRA proved that they will not be stopped no matter how horrific the circumstances. By using their own propaganda, members are whipped up into a frenzy about the freedom of owning a gun and how dare the jack booted thugs and elite liberals in government come and try to take their guns.

3)Why do members of Congress always heel to the NRA ways of thinking each time a gun related incident occurs? The simple answer is they are bought and paid for by the NRA. The NRA wants to keep their position as the number one lobbying group in Washington D.C. and around the country. Money, money, money the NRA has a large conservative republican donor base who want their agenda to succeed in government and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Each time a gun related tragedy occurs they make more money.

4) The most important ideas you would have to understand in watching this video is that ; gun related events are horrific, painful, and will haunt a victim and their families for years to come. In turn the NRA will show how powerful they are in turning the event into all about the Second Amendment and the life that was taken or maimed had no real meaning in the scheme of things. As quoted by Bill O’Reilly, “This is the price of freedom”.

5) The video is failing to address the steps the government and the public can take to push toward common  sense regulations dealing with gun shows, mental health issues, and militarized type weapons. Why do victims of gun violence or opponents of guns have to stay silent? People will keep dying for the freedoms of gun rights. Some how, I do not believe the framers of the constitution would want this violence to keep happening time after time.

6)The consequences of taking the video’s line of reasoning seriously is believing nothing can be done or the NRA is so powerful that the rights of others are over shadowed.  The NRA has become the tyrant over the federal government. They have become the one thing they fear the most about a government that has become tyrannical. The answer for the NRA is that more guns are needed in the publics hands to protect patriotic Americans and their freedoms. If the federal government tries to take a stand on regulations of any kind to help save lives it is seen as a tyrant.

7)The consequences of people ignoring the video’s reasoning is that the NRA is to powerful and the public at large is at its mercy. We as a country have been seeing the consequences of letting legislation expire that actually helped keep the public safer in my opinion. People will also think their vote does not count, they won’t vote, and they will have no desire to participate in government related topics.

8)The key conclusions of the video presents that anyone with a different opinion from the NRA is considered an enemy. Anything that might help the public be safer is considered an attack on their second amendment right to bare arms. The opinions and rights of others do not matter and the cycle of the violence will continue. I have to ask, what about the victims of gun violence? Don’t they have a voice or rights under our constitution?

9)The facts from experts that have had the experience of going up against the NRA and gun lobbyist are demoralizing to say the least. Even with something as simple as a back ground check at gun shows could not pass even with 90% of the publics approval and that included NRA members. The NRA will not compromise with the federal government or with victims of gun violence and their families. The NRA and gun lobbying have been able to legally separate themselves from being held liable for gun violence . Meanwhile, people will continue to lose their lives and be hurt by gun violence for no other reason than the rights of gun owners.

Bottom of Form

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