The Visible Urban Design: City Scavenger Hunt Project 3

Fall 2017 Due Monday November 13, 2017

The goal of this mini project is to describe what you see in a populated city of your choice. You will use Google Earth (or google maps-satellite imagery if google earth is not available to you) to analyze the layout of your selected city and write about what you see. The writing in the paper should be single-spaced and no less than 1000 words. It is okay to exceed these limitations but Do NOT go under. Work should be neat and in report format.


· The metropolitan area should be close to 1 million people

· Major terms/ theories should be discussed and applied to the locations in the captions.

· All 7 terms should have captions.

· YOU MUST ALL DO #7 on the list!

· Crop your images (Snipping tool or Control Print screen to get them into the word document then cropping tool to get the closest image possible)

· Some terms may necessitate the use of more than one picture to best explain!

· Any historical contributions that may explain how the city functions and looks must be cited

· sources are required in addition to google earth (yes, please cite google earth)

· DO NOT plagiarize! Site the source! Bibliography (Turabian) & in text citations (Author, date)

· NO WIKIPEDIA as a source!!!

· The paper should have a university level quality of writing! (See Tessa, myself, or attend the writing lab if you need help with this!)


Just stick pictures in randomly or at the end of the assignment. Weave them into your work to best explain your city!!!

SELECT 7 OF THE FOLLOWING (you are welcome to do more but it will not be for extra points):

BOLD and UNDERLINE these words is your report

1) Agglomeration

2) CBD

3) Central Place theory

4) Range & Threshold

5) Concentric zone model

6) Edge cities & /OR Hinterland

7) Functional zonation (Industrial Sector, Entertainment District, Art or museum district, Areas of higher learning: College and Universities, Medical Center Areas, green spaces-parks, zoos…ect)

8) Gentrification

9) Mixed-use land development

10) Multiple nuclei model

11) Hoyt Sector Model

12) Informal sector OR Slum OR areas of concentrated poverty

13) Sprawl OR Suburb

14) Urban Realms model

15) Ethnic enclave

16) A representation of the idea of the city as a palimpsest (Hybrid city, Remnants of a colonial era, OR Remnants of Soviet era/past government OR other historical Ties)

17) Religious changes to the landscape of a city

18) Images that show how transportation affects the urban form (Beltway, parkway, freeway)-page 243

19) Political Iconography

In addition, besides just finding these things…Mentioning the number or frequency of these is interesting. Are these very common?

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