John Charles Chasteen, Born in Blood and Fire, “Nationalism”

KEYWORDS mestizo nationalism Diego Rivera Getúlio Vargas Emiliano Zapata Frida Kahlo Carmen Miranda Pancho Villa indigenismo Good Neighbor Policy Study Questions:

§ How did nationalist politics engage broad enthusiasm throughout Latin America after 1929? Particularly, what was the new nationalist ideology of race, and how was it embodied in the arts?

§ Why did Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI) play such a central role in nationalist economic thinking?

§ What characterized the political style of leaders like Cárdenas, Vargas, and later, Perón?

Bryan McCann, “Geraldo Pereira: Samba Composer and Grifter,” in The Human Tradition in Modern Brazil, ed. Peter Beattie (Wilmington, DE: SR Books, 2004): 127-146.

Questions to guide your reading:

On Geraldo Pereira

§ Who was Geraldo Pereira and what was his background? § How did Pereira’s short life illustrate the social and cultural era in which he lived? § What do we learn about the city of Rio de Janeiro from Pereira’s experiences? § How did he use his music to make social commentary? § What is the author’s main point in this brief biography of Pereira?

Response Paper Craft an analytical paper based on the reading. Focus on what you found to be the strongest elements that help you answer the questions below.

Through Geraldo Pereira, the author presents the cultural and social politics behind the emergence of samba as Brazil’s “official” national musical genre. How were the social dynamics of Rio de Janeiro reflected in samba (particularly the figure of the “malandro”), even as it became culturally representative of all of Brazil? How did Geraldo Pereira’s experiences illustrate the new significance of samba music in the Estado Novo but also persistent inequalities and the lack of fundamental social change?

Papers should be 1 ½ to 2 pages in length, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and typed in 11pt. or 12pt. font. Papers may not exceed 2 pages. The strongest essays will begin with a specific argument related to the topic and develop themes and specific, concrete examples that support and illustrate that thesis. Papers with quoted material and lacking footnotes will receive a ZERO. Footnotes should be formatted according to Chicago Style. If you are unfamiliar with Chicago-style citation, we have full


access to the digital Chicago Manual of Style through the library’s website. Search for “Chicago Manual of Style online” in the library catalog.


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