Formulating Thesis Statement – Critical Guidelines for Students and Researchers

Any given text is usually made to communicate a specific message. Formulating thesis statement for your text can be  daunting task, but as simple as  abcd if you understand how to go about it. Academic writing is a type of persuasion whereby you convince the readers that you have a logical and exciting view of the subject. This persuasion is known as an academic argument and is followed by a predictable writing pattern.

What is a thesis statement?

This is a statement that:

  • Informs the readers what they expect in the essay
  • Makes a specific claim that can be disputed by others
  • Tells the reader about your interpretation of the subject

It is a single sentence placed at the beginning of the essay to present your argument.

How long should a thesis statement be?

Since it only focuses on the project’s idea, it should not go beyond two sentences. However, it should present the topic of the paper well and make some comments about your stand on the project. The essay thesis does not only guide you when writing but also clearly informs the reader what the project is all about.

Why should you include a thesis statement in your essay?

  • To develop and organize your argument in a better way
  • To guide the reader accordingly thought the case
  • To test the ideas by summarizing them in less than two sentences

Generally, thesis accomplishes the goals when it answers the question explored in the essay.

Formulating thesis statement when the topic is given

Any assignment can be summarized to a single question no matter how complicated it seems. The first step is to reduce the work into a single question. For instance, if the work is “what are the main advantages of using laptops in third-grade class?” the best answer could be “the main advantages of using laptops in third-grade students are…” the answer becomes the thesis of the essay.

Formulating thesis statement when a topic is not given

Assignments that do not ask a particular question still need an answer about what will be explored. All that you need to do is to decide the question that you will answer. For you to formulate a reasonable hypothesis, you should consider the following areas

  • Express only one idea
  • Select a subject that will be challenged and disputed by some people
  • Assert conclusions about the subject matter

Brainstorming the topic

You start by stating a general approach for example if the essay talks about sugar intake, you can say “sugar consumption.” This is a general subject. You can continue to narrow the topic to a more specific one depending on what is discussed in the topic. For example, you can state that “more male than female consume more sugar.”

  • How do you know your thesis is strong or weak?
  • When reviewing your work, ask yourself these questions;
  • Have I answered the question?
  • Can the position that I have taken be opposed or challenged?
  • Is my essay statement specific and clear enough?
  • Has my thesis passed “so what” test?
  • Does the thesis pass” how and why test?”

This self-evaluation will help you in fixing any arguments that have you have probably messed up.

A well-crafted essay statement shows ideas that are well crafted. It signals a student/writer with enthusiasm, commitment, and intelligence.

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