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A popular Investment Magazine recently published the following: “You know that the best time to buy health insurance is before you get sick. So why not insure your portfolio against rising prices while inflation expectations are low?”

a) Do you think TIPS are a smart investment at this time? Discuss, i.e., Why? For Whom? What are the aspects of the investment that you are using for your assessment of the value of these assets?

b) What are your inflation expectations?  How does this compare to the “break-even rate” that the market often uses to decide the value of a TIP vs. a plain vanilla Treasury of similar maturity?  Looking at the decision from this perspective, does this change your decision in any way?  Why or why not?


As you review the article “Mental Models, Moral Imagination and System Thinking in the Age of Globalization,” (located in this week’s resources) consider how organizations apply these models. Think of a major, publicly traded company that interests you (domestic or international) and consider its ethics and sustainability policies, practices, and goals.

By Day 5

Post the following:

  • A description of the organization you chose and one issue that you think it should improve upon with respect to its moral imagination and action and why
  • Apply Werhane’s framework and explain how your application of moral imagination thinking could help bring positive change within the organization or its stakeholder context

3 paragraphs in APA format

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