Due by 11.59 pm June 1st

Chapter 10

Two-Sample Hypothesis Tests

Upload the completed assignment using the file extension format Lastname_Firstname_Week9.doc.


(32 points due by 11.59 pm June 1st)

Note: You can team up with one of your classmates to complete the assignment (not more than two in a team); if you want to work on the assignment individually, that’s also fine. If you are working in teams, then only one submission is required per team; include both the team members’ last names as part of the assignment submission file name as well as in the assignment submission document.

Please provide detailed solutions to the following problems/exercises (4 problems/exercises x 8 points each):

1) Problem 10.6 (page 401 in the text)

2) Problem 10.8 (page 401 in the text)

3) Problem 10.12 (page 404 in the text)

[work out the problem: a) assuming equal variances, b) assuming unequal variances]

4) Problem 10.16 (page 409 in the text)

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