Question 26

Instead of trying to appeal to the entire marketplace, smart marketers and smart companies will try to find out ______.

[removed] A. what will appeal to high end customers
[removed] B. which customers might like their product, and how to get the product into their hands
[removed] C. which customers are price sensitive
[removed] D. which customers have brand loyalty and seek a brand image similar to other brands they like

Question 27

__________ means that each customer serves as his or her own segment. This approach sounds appealing from the customer point of view because the product would be tailored specially for each person’s idiosyncratic desires.

[removed] A. Geographic marketing
[removed] B. One-to-one marketing
[removed] C. Mass marketing
[removed] D. Psychological marketing

Question 28

Newlyweds are most likely to spend money on which of the following?

[removed] A. charitable giving
[removed] B. Furniture
[removed] C. Music
[removed] D. health care

Question 29

As segments increase in size, it becomes _______ to satisfy them with the same product.

[removed] A. more difficult
[removed] B. Easier
[removed] C. Cheaper
[removed] D. more fun

Question 30

_______ means that all customers are treated the same. This approach might sound attractive because it simplifies the marketing task, but it is usually unrealistic because customers differ.

[removed] A. One-to-one marketing
[removed] B. Gender marketing
[removed] C. Group marketing
[removed] D. Mass marketing

Question 31

The 4Ps include all of the following EXCEPT:

[removed] A. Positioning
[removed] B. Price
[removed] C. Product
[removed] D. Place

Question 32

Most firms advertising’s goal is to enhance _____.

[removed] A. Brand Image
[removed] B. Profit
[removed] C. Marketing
[removed] D. Purchases

Question 33

Fundamentally, the best marketers at any company put themselves in the place of their _____.

[removed] A. Company
[removed] B. Customers
[removed] C. Competitors
[removed] D. Friends

Question 34

Due to marketing’s success in business, what do management gurus think about marketing’s role in a company?

[removed] A. they think its role is to direct sales
[removed] B. it takes no special skill to be a good marketer anymore
[removed] C. that it’s not just a function anymore
[removed] D. it’s the most important aspect

Question 35

_____ and _____ are the central players in the marketing exchange.

[removed] A. Context, customer
[removed] B. Collaborator, competitor
[removed] C. Context, company
[removed] D. Customer, company

Question 36

Product leadership refers to companies that ______.

[removed] A. are good at production and delivery, and price and convenience
[removed] B. are expensive but is expected to pay off in long-term loyalty and enhanced customer lifetime value
[removed] C. pride themselves on quality and innovation
[removed] D. are willing to tailor their products to particular customer needs

Question 37

A firm’s positioning statement should address their target segment.  Anything else they’ll say in the positioning statement will have _______ meaning to customers who are not in that segment.

[removed] A. a lot of
[removed] B. No
[removed] C. very significant
[removed] D. Confusing

Question 38

The positioning statement can serve as an internal memorandum keeping all managers aligned as a basic guiding principle in all their collective decisions, so as to enhance the likelihood of ______ in the results of those decisions.

[removed] A. Innovation
[removed] B. Consistencies
[removed] C. Boredom
[removed] D. Excitement

Question 39

Marketers and senior managers like to see graphical depictions of where their brands are, and where their competitors are in the minds of their customers.  What are these called?

[removed] A. Histograms
[removed] B. perceptual maps
[removed] C. Genograms
[removed] D. opinion charts

Question 40

Operational excellence refers to companies that ________.

[removed] A. are good at production, delivery, price, and convenience
[removed] B. pride themselves on quality and innovation
[removed] C. are willing to tailor their products to particular customer needs
[removed] D. are expensive but is expected to pay off in long-term loyalty and enhanced customer lifetime value



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