Potential strategic fit is a function of all of the following EXCEPT:

[removed] A. firm’s strengths
[removed] B. firm’s resources
[removed] C. brand personalities
[removed] D. product prices

Question 2

What are two perspectives a business can use in assessing each segment’s attractiveness in terms of its potential for targeting?

[removed] A. profitability and marketability
[removed] B. profitability and strategic fit
[removed] C. marketability and strategic fit
[removed] D. marketability and positioning

Question 3

A company tries to serve the segments whose needs match their _______, and in doing so hope to make very happy and loyal customers who will be very profitable.

[removed] A. abilities to deliver/delight
[removed] B. Opportunities
[removed] C. financial resources
[removed] D. Targets

Question 4

Fiat Chrysler is developing a marketing strategy for a new hybrid car and just discovered that their biggest competitor is launching a very similar product at almost exactly the same time.  In a SWOT analysis, the competitor’s product would be a (n) _____.

[removed] A. Strength
[removed] B. Weakness
[removed] C. Opportunity
[removed] D. Threat

Question 5

A form of comparative analysis where customers show their opinions of another firm’s strengths vis-à-vis their competitors is a ______.

[removed] A. perceptual map
[removed] B. SWOT analysis
[removed] C. conjoint analysis
[removed] D. target comparison

Question 6

Which branding approach provides stronger financial outcomes to the company?

[removed] A. umbrella approach
[removed] B. house of brands
[removed] C. community branding
[removed] D. marketing approach

Question 7

Companies build associations to their brands through _____.

[removed] A. classical conditioning
[removed] B. operant conditioning
[removed] C. Learning
[removed] D. behavioral studies

Question 8

A brand name whose image is waning is less of a liability in which approach?

[removed] A. umbrella approach
[removed] B. community approach
[removed] C. house of brands
[removed] D. marketing approach

Question 9

Which is an example of co-branding?

[removed] A. Krispy Kreme gets a new donut flavor
[removed] B. Nike offers golf balls as part of its golf line
[removed] C. QuickBooks has its basic software, a version for Macs, another for small business needs, and premier packets for professionals, nonprofits, retailers
[removed] D. Brembo brakes are in Aston Martins

Question 10

One way marketers get customers to relate to brands is by creating a brand _______, such as Apple’s classification as “exciting” or how Gillette is action oriented.

[removed] A. Spokesperson
[removed] B. Image
[removed] C. Personality
[removed] D. Awareness

Question 11

A __________ is the general term used to describe both goods and services.

[removed] A. Price
[removed] B. Product
[removed] C. Promotion
[removed] D. Place

Question 12

Marianne is shopping for a new Apple Watch. Which of the 4Ps is most central to her purchase?

[removed] A. Price
[removed] B. Promotion
[removed] C. Place
[removed] D. Product

Question 13

_______ attributes are those that require some trial or consumption before evaluation.

[removed] A. Search
[removed] B. Product
[removed] C. Credence
[removed] D. Experience

Question 14

A _____ is comprised of several product lines that can vary in breadth and depth.

[removed] A. product mix
[removed] B. marketing mix
[removed] C. Company
[removed] D. Service

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