1-27 Planning and control decisions, Internet company. offers its subscribers several services,







such as an annotated TV guide and local-area information on weather, restaurants, and movie theaters. Its main




revenue sources are fees for banner advertisements and fees from subscribers. Recent data are as follows:






Month/Year     Advertising Revenues      Actual Number of Subscribers   Monthly Fee per    Subscriber








June 2011             $ 415,                                        972 29,                                                745                      $15.50




December 2011    867,                                          246 55,                                                  223                       20.50




June 2012             892,                                           134 59,                                                 641                        20.50




December 2012  1,517,                                          950 87                                                  ,674                         20.50




June 2013           2,976,                                          538 147,                                               921                            20.50




The following decisions were made from June through October 2013:





a. June 2013: Raised subscription fee to $25.50 per month from July 2013 onward. The budgeted number







of subscribers for this monthly fee is shown in the following table.





b. June 2013: Informed existing subscribers that from July onward, monthly fee would be $25.50.


c. July 2013: Offered e-mail service to subscribers and upgraded other online services.


d. October 2013: Dismissed the vice president of marketing after significant slowdown in subscribers and







subscription revenues, based on July through September 2013 data in the following table.





e. October 2013: Reduced subscription fee to $22.50 per month from November 2013 onward.







Results for July–September 2013 are as follows:






Month/Year       Budgeted Number of Subscribers        Actual Number of Subscribers     Monthly Fee per  Subscriber








July 2013             145,000                                                     129,250                                           $25.50




August 2013         155,000                                                   145, 726                                                      25.50




September 2013    165,000                                                      145,643                                                  25.50





1. Classify each of the decisions (a–e) as a planning or a control decision.


2. Give two examples of other planning decisions and two examples of other control decisions that may







be made at







1-28 Strategic decisions and management accounting. Consider the following series of independent







situations in which a firm is about to make a strategic decision.













a. Pedro Phones is about to decide whether to launch production and sale of a cell phone with standard












b. Flash Computers is trying to decide whether to produce and sell a new home computer software package







that includes the ability to interface with a sewing machine and a vacuum cleaner. There is no such software




currently on the market.





c. Celine Cosmetics has been asked to provide a “store brand” lip gloss that will be sold at discount retail stores.


d. Nicholus Meats is considering developing a special line of gourmet bologna made with sun-dried







tomatoes, pine nuts, and artichoke hearts.





1. For each decision, state whether the company is following a cost leadership or a product differentiation












2. For each decision, discuss what information the management accountant can provide about the







source of competitive advantage for these firms.
















2-40 Comprehensive problem on unit costs, product costs. Atlanta Office Equipment manufactures and




sells metal shelving. It began operations on January 1, 2014. Costs incurred for 2014 are as follows (V stands




for variable; F stands for fixed):




Direct materials used                                            $149,500 V




Direct manufacturing labor costs                           34,500 V




Plant energy costs                                                  6,000 V




Indirect manufacturing labor costs                           12,000 V




Indirect manufacturing labor costs                           17,000 F




Other indirect manufacturing costs                          7,000 V




Other indirect manufacturing costs                            27,000 F




Marketing, distribution, and customer-service costs  126,000 V




Marketing, distribution, and customer-service costs   47,000 F




Administrative costs                                                     58,000 F












Variable manufacturing costs are variable with respect to units produced. Variable marketing, distribution,




and customer-service costs are variable with respect to units sold.




Inventory data are as follows:


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