Exam preparation: A Critical Guide for Students Awaiting Exam

Whenever you pass in or near an academic institution, be sure to hear this song. Students sing it in more beautiful choruses than it sounds here. Whether in basic institutions, middle level or even in higher learning institutions, the song is the same annoying song. If you are a student anywhere and you are reading this, I have something important for you; you have to stop singing your tuneless song of exam preparation; prepare for exam!

While students at different levels keep asking how to pass exam, I keep asking how does a student fail? How do you run around in preparation for exam then you fail in the same? Could it be because you did not prepare well? Well, here is a simple rule to prepare for exam; just focus on your exam preparation. No one wants to know about it, not even your classmates, or parents. They will be waiting impatiently for the results!

Preparation basics

An exam is just but a test. Your teachers, tutors, and professors would somehow love to know how you are progressing as their student and see how much they have helped you sharpen your academic abilities. Some of your professors might just want to see how stupid you can get during preparation for the exam.

Most honest individuals would back me up when I say that preparation is more important than the main event. For academics, I would say the same and trust me, I would get away with it anywhere; it just has to be a liberal minded society. You should not argue when I say exam preparation is more important than passing it. Some wise person, whose preparation was excellent and passed highly in exams said, ‘the end justifies the means’. Now you know.

Exam preparation should not be a nightmare. Relax and take it slow. First, start by sharpening what you know. Revision does it best. Take your past papers and go through them. Start by reading the correct questions. Make sure you have stored the information. Formulate your own questions related to the topic and try to answer them. Make sure that you have exhausted all the possible traps for the question. You need one or two study mates added to the list of your adventurous friends; probably party friends that we have all over high school and colleges. Preparation will be much easier when you engage a serious friend or two. However, you must make sure that you have done enough revision first. Together with the friend, you can share knowledge on critical questions. Discussions are good.

A study mate would help prepare for exam

Engaging a serious friend is a good strategy in exam preparation. They would supplement your knowledge. They would certainly be better than you would at several things. At the end of the day, you will end up gaining much knowledge from each other. What am saying is you both cannot be dimwits. There has to be something your friend knows that you do not know.

Often students would ask about how long or rather when should exam preparation begin; day one of school! The moment you step your feet in class, with a little backpack with a book, with more photographs of flowers and toys, you should know that soon or later there would be an exam for you. You should start preparing! There is honestly no exact time to start to prepare for exam. It is a continuous process. I have met funny students and some were in my class while I was still in school (I passed exemplarily by the way). Occasionally a friend would approach me at the library or any study table and ask why I was reading when there was hardly any assignments and the exam would be months away. I even had friends who would get pissed off when they found me reading the same book at a different time.

Last minute rush in exam

I have always been inspired by my experiences in school to try help reduce the confusion in students. To most of my friends, they always thought that I was wasting time at the library, especially when I had the same book. Some were convinced that I was showing off while others knew better that I had nothing else to do. To my realization, most of the students would only get serious with their studies just about exam. They would pile all their notes until the very last week.

It is a pity to these little college and high school students that they even would not attend their classes regularly. The piled notes and revision materials are actually borrowed. And the reason they run around singing the unpleasant song of exam preparation; prepare for exam and so much more is because they would not understand the concepts like their counterparts who attend classes. They must have missed classes while busy elsewhere, probably parting with friends.

For you there who is staring at this document now, you have no other option but to love your classes and read your notes. You can emulate me, for free. Try attending all your classes, and read your notes every day. You do not have to have exams for you to read, knowledge is good for you, not your examiners. You could perform not so well in your exams but if you have the relevant knowledge, you are better off.

The early bird

I would start my preparation early, actually with the very first class of the semester or once schools resume. By the time our professors would release the examination timetables, I was ready for the exam. I did not have anything left to prepare for exam. After all, it is usually toward the end of classes, so you have the main parts of which had mastered already!

It was during those announcements in the assembly that you would see nearly half of your class running around, thoroughly astound, and confound. Then they would come to me to ask for notes: as their good friend. At that time, they have buried the past, those days they thought I was wasting time attending classes and visiting the library. There is no short cut to preparation. If you had not started, the time to prepare for exam is now!

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