Essay Writing Basics: The Must Know Rules That We Keep Forgetting!

Essay writing basics; yes, you heard me right.  You can only write a top-notch essay if you understand the basics.Have you ever at one moment imagined being given a task to do within the specified period with no facilitation? What will you do? More often than not, we get ourselves in such awkward situations. At that moment, nearly your entire existence depends on the given task, but then you have no idea how to do it. It happens mostly to students at the school, especially during exams and assignments. You are instructed to write a 4-5 page essay on public health, political science or the American economy and you are left scratching your head, looking in all directions for a clue. Today, I will give you all the basics of writing an essay.

As a good and focused individual, you must know the following key areas; you can also call them essay writing basics;

Once you know all the above essay writing basics, you will not have a problem with essay writing. Before you are tested on essay writing in any institutions, you must have been taught the basics first. Essay writing is the easiest form of art. Anyone can write a good essay; they just have to learn the basics of writing an essay first.

To many people, essay writing sounds easy. They get excited whenever there is an assignment on essay writing. It is only normal to get overly ambitious with your many points and endless thoughts of what you will write in your essays. Nevertheless, it is important to know that essay writing is more than just piling your points and thoughts about the subject matter in a paper.

What is essay writing about?

In wring an essay, you will realize that your points and thoughts are not more important than how you present them. What does this mean? The answer is simple; essay writing is all about the format and other crucial guidelines. As provided in the basics of writing an essay, it is all about guidelines. It is how well you adhere to the essay writing basic and how you present your points that matter. In the essay, the format and following other important basics of writing an essay would give you points before considering your points.

What is an essay?

This is a crucial essay writing basic to know. Before you can do something, it is important that you know what exactly it is. There are many articles and books about essays and their definitions. You can only do well in something that you know and understand well. As an individual who would have encounters with essays and essay writing, you must learn about essays as a piece of art.

The essay is a distinct piece of written literature where you present your ideas and thoughts in a guided manner. In addition to the knowledge of what an essay is, you should know that there are several types of essays. Essay writing basics are also different in the different types of essays. For instance, the basics you have for writing a research paper are not the same used in doing a paper on say the influence of politics on the economy. Some essays are more extensive and intensive than others.

The knowledge of essays and the different types of essays is an important essay writing basics that would quickly help you know the type of essay needed and probably how to write it. It will be hard to even imagine what to write if you cannot group your question into its respective essay type.

How to format

After you know the kind of essay that you are required to do, you should know how to format it. Most of the essays are similar, a single confusion and you could get yourself answering the question very well but in a wrong format. A good format carries a lot of weight in any essays.

There is a standard format of an essay, a basic skeleton. All essays adhere to this format. The difference comes when the format is adjusted by adding different aspects of essay writing. The basic format comprises the introduction, the body- which is the bigger part and finally the conclusion.

The three fundamental parts of an essay are important in many ways such that they guide the writer to stay within certain limits. For instance, during the introduction, the writer knows exactly what should fall in the introduction part. It would not be a good idea for a writer to discuss the main points of their essays in the introduction part, or in conclusion. Once you write the respective titles in each part of your essay, you must strictly stick within their confines.

As much as the format is important, knowing what to contain under the various parts is a paramount basic of writing an essay. Only your content in the essay would make your format relevant. The format should be elaborate. A short introduction, the body must be fully discussed and would obviously be bigger than the rest. Your conclusion should be a single paragraph of not more than ten short sentences.

The dos and the don’ts

These are the ingredients of essays. Without the dos and don’ts as essay writing basics, essays would be plain, and the whole essay writing would be a boring subject or topic. Just as different food has a different ingredient requirement, so is essay writing. Every essay has its own do’s and don’ts, which to some degree, is a distinguishing factor in essays.

You should not use these essay writing basics interchangeably. A meal would taste bad if added unsuitable ingredients no matter how well it was done. Once you have studied the different types of essays and their respective do’s and don’ts, you can write a good essay anywhere and at any time without being stuck. We should all embrace the basics of writing an essay given above for better essays.                                           /

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